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Security technologies

US mobile security developer seeks partners and clients in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2022 - 10
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client develops applications for advanced mobile device security that enables government agencies and private companies to protect data on devices used by employees. They wished to meet potential partners with compatible Mobile Device Management capabilities / products as well as potential clients.
Results: EasyLink approached a selection of 39 companies and organisations and arranged meetings with high-profile potential clients such as the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of the Interior and the National Agency for Communication and Information Technologies. In additional to that, our consultants arranged meetings with top priority potential distribution partners. 9 meetings were organised during the Future Forces trade show in Prague as well as in other Prague locations. The client was in serious discussion with several potential distributors after the visit and provided the following feedback: "We fully appreciated the level of effort, professionalism and quality of the meetings established."

US network security solution provider meets high-profile clients and distributors in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2022 - 10
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client provides security solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), primarily for monitoring and testing wireless networks and wished to identify and meet potential distribution/implementation partners as well as end-users in the Czech Republic.
Results: EasyLink approached a selection of 47 companies and organisations and arranged meetings with high-profile potential clients such as the Ministry of Defense, Military Police, Ministry of the Interior and the National Agency for Communication and Information Technologies as well as with distributors in the military/security field and also Internet of Things commercial sector. 9 meetings were organised during the Future Forces trade show in Prague as well as outside. The client rated the provided service with top marks and provided the following feedback: "Couldn't ask for better pre-trip research, partner and customer contacts, and on-site support."

US producer of Security Systems and Public Safety Communications Systems meets potential partners in Poland and Romania

Completion: 2022 - 09
Target markets: RO&PL
Objective: The client is a US producer of public safety communication systems (namely tactical bridges) and other innovative security products and wished to identify and meet potential partners involved in telecommunication equipment distribution especially in the field of security, military, industrial and civil applications.
Results: Our consultants identified, profiled and approached 27 potential partners in Poland and 32 in Romania. The outreach generated 4 interested parties in Poland with 3 meetings organised for a visit in September 2022 due to time and location constraints. In Romania, the client was able to meet 4 highly- qualified potential cooperation partners. In addition, EasyLink arranged a presentation of the client’s solutions to Patromil, Romania’s Business Association of Military Technology Manufacturers and its selected members.

German Civil Security trade mission to Hungary

Completion: 2021 - 06
Target markets: HU
Objective: Sponsored by Germany’s Ministry of Economy and Energy, AHP and EasyLink organized a virtual trade mission to Hungary in June 2021. The topic was civil security and the goal was to provide German delegates with an insight into the Hungarian market and to identify potential business partners in Hungary. Eight German companies participated, including a firefighting consultancy, a cyber security specialist provider, a supplier of fire extinguishing solutions, a producer of radar and other surveillance technologies, a mechanical security solutions provider, a tires and runflat systems supplier, a communications and emergency software developer, and an IT/cyber security company.
Results: The German companies participated in briefings by the German Ministry of Economy and Energy, the German Embassy in Budapest, and the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce. An industry roundtable was organized with discussions and presentations by local market players about the Hungarian market As a key part of the programme, our Hungarian consultants organized 2-5 business meetings for each of the delegates.

Industrial camera manufacturer about to set up a distribution network in CEE region

Completion: 2020 - 10
Target markets: CZ,PL,RO
Objective: The client, specializing in industrial-grade video monitoring solutions, tasked EasyLink with identifying and assessing potential partners in related industries (handling machinery and camera systems) in order to set up a dealer network for his products in the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania.
Results: EasyLink conducted market research into crane operating businesses, industrial video equipment, cameras, and other smart technologies providers targeted by the client. In total 10 companies across the three addressed countries expressed interest in the proposed opportunity and wished to further discuss directly with the client.

Technology supplier to the defense and security market intends to approach Czech and Romanian market

Completion: 2018 - 11
Target markets: CZ&RO
Objective: A company from Virginia, USA, produces wide area monitoring systems that are being attached to various arial technology, most notably to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of all sizes, but also to chopters and non-supersonic jets. The company wished to meet with security forces with posesion of aerial technology as well with companies that would act as local agents.
Results: The task was met with high success, as EasyLink arranged 12 highly relevant meetings in total in both countries, including meetings at state departments operating aerial technology. The client's product was well received at most meetings, which resulted into partnerships with local companies to represent the client in both markets, with aim to supply their products to the security forces.

IoT cybersecurity company intends to meet with previously identified potential distribution partners

Completion: 2018 - 11
Target markets: PL&RO
Objective: Based on previously compiled list of potential partners in Poland, Romania, and Czech Republic, the american company which specializes on highly advanced cybersecurity solutions for the IoT market, decided to meet with some of those pre-selected companies to discuss business opportunities.
Results: The client was met with high interest for its products from many of the companies they met with during their business trip to those 3 countries, leading to establishing new business leads and even first purchase order.

Company specializing in researching indigenous societies wishes to assess potential in CEE

Completion: 2018 - 11
Target markets: CZ&RO
Objective: Hybrid platform Pulse allows to understand indigenous societies in conflict regions and their attitudes through a mix of advanced technology and traditional methods, helping to protect deployed soldiers or various humanitarian projects in those regions. The client asked EasyLink to find potential partners who could benefit from Pulse techniques.
Results: The target countries for a market visit were Czech Republic and Romania. In the Czech Republic, the client met with representatives of two ministries as well as with vice-president of the Czech Aid Agency, to present them the unique benefits of the Pulse platform. In Romania, the product gained lot of attention from various state's security forces and departments. All the meetings opened the doors for possible future partnership and according to our knowledge, business talks remained very active even after the end of the market visit.

Partner search for a US security company in the field of video analyzing systems in CZ and PL

Completion: 2017 - 05
Target markets: CZ&PL
Objective: Our client, a security company has signed up for the trade mission to assess the level of business potential in both Poland and the Czech Republic and to meet potential customers in both markets. The client requested to target and reach out to relevant companies and organizations from these segments: government, border control / homeland security, security-sensitive industrial enterprises and infrastructures, telco and data center companies, and last but not least security system integrators.
Results: A very successful mission for the client in both CZ and PL that resulted in the company signing NDA with a local partner in Poland, to start mutual talks of cooperation. As a result of our effort in the Czech Republic, the company's representatives met with the most important security integrators in the Czech Republic, MoD officials, the leading data center company, as well as with the Prague airport security authorities. In the clients own words: "Our company did really well in Czech Republic and Poland. The quality of the meetings exceeded our expectations. We would like to thank the entire team for perfect matches to our portfolio, and all the helpful information and effort your team has provided.”

Partner search for a cybersecurity company in CZ and PL

Completion: 2017 - 05
Target markets: CZ&PL
Objective: Our client has signed up for the trade mission as a fact-finding trip to meet with potential partners and assess the level of business potential in both Poland and the Czech Republic. The company seeks a partner with whom they can have a master level agreement (partnership) to assist them when there is a need for cyber security services.
Results: In the Czech Republic, EasyLink conducted market research into companies (and institutions) involved in the IT & Security field with need for upgrading their cyber-defense capabilities. The consultant approached a total of 26 potential partners which resulted in 8 meetings with IT companies as well institutions of the Czech government, such as the Ministry of Interior or Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In Poland we approached 55 companies and organizations and arranged 5 meetings.

Partner search for an established security company in the field of undervehicle inspection entrance systems in CZ and PL

Completion: 2017 - 05
Target markets: CZ&PL
Objective: After selling their systems to NATO partners and to major installations all over the world, our client wishes to meet potential business partners in PL and CZ to establish their presence in these countries. Prospect companies list should include: defense project system integrators, security systems distributors, as well as end-clients (large installations, govt. Institutions, etc.).
Results: In the Czech Republic, EasyLink approached a total of 28 companies from across the preferred target sector, resulting in the client meeting five potential partners – one of those meetings was with the Prague Vaclav Havel International Airport authorities. In Poland we identified and approached 44 prospective partners and organized 4 face-to-face meetings.

Business partner search in the Czech Republic for UK supplier of advanced microwave perimeter defence products.

Completion: 2016 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client sees business or technology partnership potential in the Czech Republic, thus through Lisburn trade mission they seek to improve understanding of the Czech market and to research, identify and meet potential partners. The prospects should be generated among the following company types: distributors of security technology, fencing and perimeter defense companies, defense industry project integrators, end-customers with important facilities in need to be protected.
Results: Following the client’s requirements, the Czech consultant conducted market research into distributors of perimeter security technology and providers of advanced fencing solutions. Afterwards we selected and directly approached 31 companies, resulting into 7 companies showing interest to discuss partnership opportunity. Among these companies were some of the most important local security systems distributors and integrators. As a positive result of this project, the client signed partnership contract with a leading Czech security company in 2017.

U.K. home security products manufacturer seeking partners in CZ and PL

Completion: 2014 - 06
Target markets: CZ&PL
Objective: Our client is a producer of patented security door chain, which is the only door chain awarded with the „Secure by Design“ certificate issued by the UK police. The company wishes to analyse the export potential in the CEE region, starting with the Czech Republic and Poland. EasyLink was commissioned to prepare a detailed itinerary of prospective partners wishing to discuss potential partnership with the client.
Results: EasyLink identified and approached over 90 companies in both countries and arranged high-quality meetings with 2 prospects in Poland and 5 in the Czech Republic. The client was enthused by the mission organisation/support provided and stated the service was first-class and second to none. It was their first mission experience so they had not really known what to expect but the reality absolutely exceeded their expectations and they were amazed by the quality of the service going to such detail as to buying public transport tickets in advance.

Czech Republic: Irish manufacturer of fire and gas alarms seeks local distributors

Completion: 2013 - 11
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client, a manufacturer of residential fire, gas, and multi-purpose alarms, wished to employ our services to expand their presence on the Czech market. EasyLink was to focus on electrical wholesalers, major electrical contractors, fire companies and security companies possibly interested in distributing the client’s products. EasyLink was also to provide information on current legislation for smoke alarms for residential housing as well as statistics on social housing in the Czech Republic.
Results: EasyLink conducted market research into companies involved in sale and distribution of security systems, such as CCTV, access systems equipment, fire alarms and other low voltage technologies for residential buildings to collect data on prospective partners as well as current competitors present on the market. EasyLink approached 26 qualified partners and registered 9 companies interested in further talks with the client – five of which showed higher potential and were recommend by EasyLink as prime candidates for personal meetings. The client chose to meet with 6 selected partners.

British producer of security doors makes headway in Romania

Completion: 2012 - 11
Target markets: RO
Objective: British producer of security doors makes headway in RomaniaOur client, a specialist in commercial high-security steel door sets, had very specific goals for their planned trip to Romania. The company wanted to build relationship with their sister company already in-market as well as meet prospective distribution partners and security consultants and security system integrators. In addition, the company asked EasyLink to provide market background information including market size, structure and potential, as well as identify potential competitors.
Results: Our in-market consultant in Romania identified 19 prospective partners – security door distributor and security systems integrators, which were all approached on managerial level by phone and email. The search generated 5 potential leads including the biggest Romanian contractor in security works. The client was provided a thorough report including detailed feedback gathered from all of the contacted parties, information on the size of the market as well upcoming short-term and medium-term construction projects of relevance, overview the local competition landscape as well as local security trade promotion channels. All meetings were attended by the local branch and the market visit helped the company to win a high-profile project shortly after the completion of the project.

Korean supplier of digital door locks evaluates the Czech market

Completion: 2011 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The company wishes to meet prospective partners during a one-day visit to Prague in September 2011.
Results: Easylink approached managers of 33 companies involved in distribution of door locks to assess their qualification and interest in representing the client. We scheduled 6 meetings with highly qualified candidates with confirmed interest in the proposed partnership.

Korean client holds 8 meetings during his one-day visit to Prague

Completion: 2011 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: A supplier of fingerprint digital door lock technology wishes to introduce its solutions to the Czech market and requests EasyLink to schedule meetings with potential business partners.
Results: Our experienced team in the Czech Republic identified, contacted and evaluated 34 prospects involved in security and access systems. All 8 meetings were held in hotel Diplomat in Prague.

Ukraine: EasyLink schedules meetings for an Italian client

Completion: 2011 - 04
Target markets: UA
Objective: The company devises smart and innovative solutions for house and building entrance; it serves both the professional and end user market, delivering automation for entrances as well as doors, gates and intercoms. The company plans to visit Ukraine and requests EasyLink to schedule meetings with prospective partners.
Results: The consultant in Ukraine identified and introduced the client to 21 prospective distribution partners, and prepared detailed profiles of 6 companies - qualified with confirmed interest in further talks/partnership. EasyLink then scheduled 3 meetings with the top prospects and arranged for interpreters. All the meetings were held in Donetsk.

Estonian supplier of bags designed to protect assets in flood-threatened areas meets Czech partners

Completion: 2011 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink is commissioned to identify and approach prospective partners and schedule meetings with top candidates qualified & keen to engage in collaboration. We are also asked to accompany the client to all the meetings to provide in-market assistance and interpret meetings where necessary.
Results: We started by identifying companies involved in delivery of flood equipment. We approached 20 managers to present our client’s unique products and collect their feedback regarding potential cooperation. The client met 7 prospects during his two-day visit. The products offered by the Estonian company were found rather unique by most prospects, as in the Czech Republic emphasis is put on preventing water from flowing into a building rather than protecting assets in a flooded building.

Partner search and meeting itinerary for an Irish producer of electronic access control systems

Completion: 2010 - 07
Target markets: CZ
Objective: One of the leading wireless security technology manufacturers in Europe requested EasyLink to arrange meetings with qualified and keen prospective distribution partners in the Czech Republic.
Results: EasyLink’s consultant pre-selected and approached 28 prospects amongst companies involved in the distribution of alarm and access control systems. 6 companies confirmed interest in discussing possible cooperation.

Ukraine: EasyLink identifies key government and private sector contacts

Completion: 2009 - 08
Target markets: UA
Objective: Our client, a global leader in DNA testing and analysis, wished to identify contacts that would provide understanding of key players participating in the development of local DNA laboratories and missing person’s projects as well as private companies that sell product lines linked to forensics and DNA analysis.
Results: EasyLink’s consultant in Ukraine presented detailed profiles including verified contact details of 8 relevant entities. As per the client’s request, this initial list of contacts was not qualified in terms of companies’ interest in a new partner. We recommended the client to first approach the pre-selected private companies in order to gain understanding of their actual relations to and experience in supplying the Ministry of Internal Affairs DNA laboratory as well as their real capabilities in establishing contact with the government. We also provided the client with advice on how to best approach Ukrainian entities (e.g. government contacts have to be sent an official proposal, preferably in both English and Ukrainian language; large companies rarely allow a foreign company to directly approach their top managers during the initial contact phase; if a company requests receiving an e-mail initially, a phone call must always follow to confirm the e-mail was received by the appropriate manager, and later another call has to be made to obtain feedback).

Smooth 8-day trip to Hungary and Romania to meet prospective partners

Completion: 2006 - 10
Target markets: HU&RO
Objective: Following a successful market evaluation and matchmaking project in several CEE countries, our client, a Czech producer of identification systems, proceeded with visits of a dozen of selected companies across Hungary and Romania.
Results: EasyLink carefully planned out the most time- and cost-effective itinerary, optimizing travel distances and sequence of meetings before arranging and confirming all details with the respective local partners. The client received detailed driving instructions and maps; we also recommended hotels for each location visited in late 2006. A year later, we assisted the client with translation of complete original software manual into English.

Czech producer of security identification systems chooses from 20 serious candidates for distributorship

Completion: 2006 - 06
Target markets: BG&HU&RO
Objective: EasyLink was contracted to evaluate market potential and develop a feasibility study including market entry opportunities, strategies and possible obstacles. The analysis was conducted simultaneously in 3 CEE markets - Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, and included market intelligence information on market size, competitors, prospective end-users, partners (installers, distributors), and also supporting marketing information such as key sector-specific trade fairs and publications. Short-listed prospective partners were directly contacted to evaluate their qualification for and interest in distributorship.
Results: A tailor-made study was delivered for each of the 3 target markets, in consistent format and structure, enabling the client to compare relative potential in the three countries. A total of 20 (!) prospective partners were identified, all confirmed serious interest in meeting the client - 8 in Hungary, 7 in Romania and 5 in Bulgaria. The client proceeded with market visits to Hungary and Romania within three months after project initiation, resulting in distributorship agreements with several companies.

Australian producer of fire and smoke protection systems enters the Czech market

Completion: 2003 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: 1. Report on regulatory environment, recently used smoke and fire protection systems and description of situation on the fire protection markets 2. Describe targeted companies and institutions 3. List relevant decision makers influencing the product choice 4. Prepare a business meeting itinerary
Results: EasyLink provided a 20-page market assessment report, including market size evaluation, identification and screening of potential end-customers, analysis of competitive products already in the market, overview of current distribution and applications of fire&smoke protection systems, overview of engineering consultancies, testing authorities and procedures and sector-specific promotion opportunities. Secondly, EasyLink was able to open doors for the client, and arrange a dense meeting itinerary with 7 key potential end-customers, including major banks and large telecommunication companies.