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US producer of removable industrial insulation explores Poland and Romania

Completion: 2022 - 09
Target markets: RO&PL
Objective: The client is a smaller US producer of removable industrial insulation that is gaining traction in its home market and now wishes to gauge potential of the Polish and Romanian markets. The client is participating in a Trade Mission to the region which is co-organised by EasyLink and would like to meet relevant companies, i.e. industrial insulation distributors and installers to discuss business and cooperation potential.
Results: The first stage of the project consisted of providing the client with a longlist of potential partners. After the client prioritized which companies they would like to meet as a priority, our local consultants approached 22 companies in Romania and 36 in Poland with an offer of meeting which generated 6 interested in leads in Romania, all of which were highest priority companies, and 4 leads in Poland. While the Polish market presented a higher challenge for entry due to significant local competition, we also had the opportunity to arrange a meeting with the Polish Association of Industrial Insulation Contractors for the client, which provided the client with a unique perspective and market feedback. This meeting was also attended by the local Bilfinger branch and opportunities of cooperation in the US market were also discussed.

Meeting one of the leading producers of sealing and valve seats in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2022 -
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client, the world leader in the surface modification of fluoropolymers, also manufactures chemicals for modifying the surface of fluoropolymers to enable adhesion. Its products and services are employed by industry leaders in the aerospace, automotive, electronics and semiconductors, fiber optics, medicine, energy, and environmental sectors. EasyLink was asked to identify and approach prospective business partners in the Czech Republic.
Results: EasyLink contacted ten prospects preselected by the client from the initial list prepared in November 2021 to arrange virtual meetings with interested prospects.

US carbon fibre composite producer explores market potential in the Czech Republic and CEE

Completion: 2021 - 07
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client is a US producer of carbon fibre composites products and wishes to assess market potential in CEE. The production of composites (glass or carbon reinforced) is quite heavily centred in Western Europe, and Central and Eastern Europe has played second fiddle. Out of all of the CEE countries, Poland and the Czech Republic were deemed a little ahead both in production and application of carbon composites. The Czech Republic was selected for a deeper insight.
Results: To properly gauge market potential, EasyLink directly contacted the Association of technical support and promotion of polymer composites and 3 local companies involved in carbon fibre composites production. The expert opinions revealed that Central and Eastern Europe could prove a difficult target for the US company. While the Czech Rep. is a local leader and there is an overall consensus that the market is growing, the needs are far below e.g. Germany and France, and smaller/medium series are covered locally. With the implied lead times and transportation cost, the US producer could not hope to compete with the locally established companies.

US producer of innovative polymer foams revisits CEE and scores meetings with the largest foam producers in the region

Completion: 2021 - 04
Target markets: CZ,SK,PL,HU,RO
Objective: In 2018, our client explored potential market opportunities in the Czech Republic and Romania visiting potential end-clients and cooperation partners. After finetuning their product and sales strategy the client wished to reapproach the CEE region by targeting relevant foam producers, which have proven to be the best route the market. EasyLink was to shortlist relevant PUR foam producers in 5 countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania, assess their interest in potential cooperation and arrange meetings with relevant parties.
Results: EasyLink arranged 4 meetings for the client, including with the 2 largest foam producers in the region with branches in several of the target countries.

US company is keen to add new export destinations in Romania and Russia

Completion: 2020 - 08
Target markets: RO,RU
Objective: A leading US provider of custom rubber hoses and tubes recently visited Ukraine and Poland, where it identified good prospects for the business. Based on this experience, they also wished to be introduced to new potential distributors in Romanian and Russian markets.
Results: Our consultants in both countries developed contact lists with full company profiles. Information resources used included: business databases and directories, internet search, interviews with market experts, and the consultant’s own market contacts. In the course of this project, the consultant approached a total of 30 companies in Romania, namely 19 hoses distributors, 7 retailers and 4 agricultural distributors. Due to the Covid-19 situation, meeting with potential distributors were held virtually. In Russia, 38 companies were approached but the current ready-made hoses market seemed to be saturated at that time and there was not enough demand for custom hoses and tubes.

Leading HDPE and PET recycling in the UK looking for customers in CZ and Poland

Completion: 2019 - 10
Target markets: PL,CZ
Objective: The client take post-consumer plastic packaging and reprocess it into material for a range of manufacturing applications and distributes materials to a customer base across the UK and Europe. They are looking to build new partnerships and develop new sales streams with plastic manufacturers and plastic recyclers.
Results: EasyLink shortlisted 29 and aproached 16 companies in the Czech Republic - a mix of PET baled recyclers and manufacturers of products from extruded and moulded recycled HDPE. While demand for recycled baled PET has been constantly growing, the quality of the recycled PET from the UK proved to be an issue as local PET processing companies seek recycled materials with ideally no impurities such as PVC, PS labels etc. Also, numerous manufacturers prefer producing from virgin HDPE as their customers require certain standards. We arranged meetings with 2 major PET recyclers (TOMA RECYCLING and PURUM) and with 2 manufacturers using rHDPE in their production. We asisted with all the logistics arrangements and organized interpreting wheverer needed.

Leading US producer of custom rubber hoses and tubes, is seeking export potential in selected countries of CEE

Completion: 2019 - 09
Target markets: CZ,PL,UA
Objective: US leading producer of custom rubber hoses and tubes, decided to test export potential in selected countries of Central and Eastern Europe- Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine. As this producer is supplying various markets with their hoses and tubes, they opted to test potential in the following sectors: commercial laundry, hobby market, general/OEM, automotive and agriculture. The client's intention was to visit those two countries where the market response is highest.
Results: EasyLink put together lists of potential companies within the targeted sectors. There were 28 companies listed in the Czech Republic, while in both Poland and Ukraine there were 38, meaning a total of 104. In the second phase, EasyLink approched decision makers in each of these shortlisted companies, to find out the market reponse was high in Ukraine as well as in Poland, while in the Czech Republic not as much. Consequently, a very succesfull business trip was performed to Poland and Ukraince, where the client met 10 companies with most of them showing high distribution potential. The trip was so succesful that the client decided to hire EasyLink for same market penetration assitantce to Russia.

R&D manufacturer of innovative materials joined trade mission to the Czech Republic and Romania

Completion: 2018 - 11
Target markets: CZ&RO
Objective: Our client is a R&D manufacturer of innovative materials based in USA and has developed a range of polymer-based materials. The company showed interest in finding new partners for collaboration in the Czech Republic and Romania and participating in a trade mission.
Results: EasyLink conducted market research into companies in the Czech Republic and Romania per agreed criteria and business objectives, and arranged a highly tailored meeting itinerary with interested qualified prospects in each country. 8 companies in the Czech Republic including such an important manufacturer as ŠKODA AUTO a.s., and 5 companies in Romania agreed to meet our client and discuss potential ways of collaboration.

Innovative polyamide from South Korea explores opportunities in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2017 - 05
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client has recently developed and launched production of a modified polyamide with noteworthy properties that could be of interest to distributors with clients in the automotive industry and clean-room applications. The client wished to meet distributors of engineering plastics granulates and semi-finished products from polyamides that could gauge potential of the product and be potentially interested in cooperation.
Results: First, EasyLink helped the client to polish the marketing materials of the product to better advertise its advantages and match the expectations of local distributors on the detail of technical data. We then proceeded to identify suitable distributors, contacted them to present the client’s offering and invited them meet the client. 4 companies expressed interest in meeting and 3 companies were able to come to Prague to discuss the product and receive samples, including 2 of the 5 largest distributors of specialty plastics in the Czech Republic and other CEE countries.

Customer search for a leading Irish producer of blow moulded and injection moulded products

Completion: 2015 - 12
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client designs, develops and manufactures a diverse range of products to customers in the industrial packaging and equipment sectors. Among the products developed and supplied are blow moulded seats and assemblies, lawn and garden products and containers for domestic appliances. EasyLink was commissioned to identify and approach potential customers in a variety of target sectors and assess their interest in the client's products.
Results: EasyLink conducted market research into several fields of interest including manufacturers of automotive chemicals (motor oil, brake fluid, windscreen washing liquid, automotive cosmetics, lubricants etc.), manufacturers of power tools, manufacturers of hospital and delivery beds, manufacturers of children car seats and numerous cold chain food suppliers (retail chains, dairies, bakeries, meat processing companies, suppliers of frozen meat and vegetables etc.). EasyLink also identified companies supplying plastic seats for stadiums, sports and entertainment venues as potential distribution partners. EasyLink prepared a 42-page report detailing local competition and potential distribution partners and targer sectors in which EasyLink identified and contacted 57 potential customers/partners. 6 companies expressed interest in meeting the client to discuss technical specifications of products (e.g. Vodňanská drůbež, one of the leading poultry processing plant in the Czech Republic) or potential distribution partnership.

Customer search in the Czech Republic and Poland for a UK supplier of rubber springs and drain valves

Completion: 2015 - 10
Target markets: CZ&PL
Objective: EasyLink’s task was to develop a list of potential customers in the Czech Republic and Poland for the client’s products (rubber springs for material handling equipment and drain valves for diesel generators), contact potential customers to determine their requirements, assess and recommend various market entry strategies (direct, agency, distribution etc.), advise on and assist with development of marketing/sales strategy.
Results: EasyLink consultants in the target markets prepared long lists of potential customers for the client’s review. The client then shortlisted 6 best prospects in CZ and 12 in Poland to be approached by EasyLink. We identified the key decision makers in each of the target companies (technical managers, chief designers/constructors, purchasing managers, CEOs) and provided them with the client’s company profile and product literature. We then inquired about potential use of the products and requested specifications of currently used springs/drain valves that might be replaced with the client’s alternatives. 2 companies in CZ found the rubber springs of interest (one of them is among top 5 world leaders in manufacture of mobile screens, mobile impact crushers, mobile jaw crushers, mobile cone crushers and conveyor systems) and sent RFQ.

UK manufacturer of industrial flooring targets partners in Hungary

Completion: 2015 - 03
Target markets: HU
Objective: Our specialises in manufacturing revolutionary interlocking PVC floor tiles and commissioned our services to research the local industrial and commercial flooring market as well as identify and contact potential partners involved in stockholding and distribution of complementary productsincluding protective floors.
Results: The Budapest-based consultant targeted companies involved in the segment of PVC industrial, commercial and domestic flooring and initially identified and prepared profiles of 25 prospective partners. Eventually, 26 companies were contacted and sent introductory information about the client. 5 companies met the client in March 2015. “The trade visit was very well organised and great value for money. It gave us the chance as a company to learn how our products would be received in a new market. Based on our initial visit we see great potential and hope that this is the start of exporting to Hungary!“

Background check and partner search in Turkey

Completion: 2013 - 09
Target markets: TU
Objective: Our client, a U.S. manufacturer of low-cost rubber compounds using SBR and natural rubber, asked us to conduct a background check on a potential Turkish partner. Since the Turkish market proved to have potential for the client’s products, the project evolved into a regular customer and partner search.
Results: After providing background information on the targeted partner (with which the client was very pleased), EasyLink identified additional companies - large rubber users (with one or more mixing plants) and importers/distributors. The local consultant provided a printout of the Turkish import of rubbers and compiled a shortlist of 11 potential partners to be reviewed by the client. The client then selected 3 companies he wished to visit and the consultant arranged meetings with them.

UK producer of HDPE pellets wishes to find new opportunities in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2013 - 04
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client, a producer of high quality plastic pellets and flake made of recycled plastics, wished to explore market potential in and generate export sales to the Czech Republic. The main target market was HDPE pipe production, in particular cable protection pipe market.
Results: A list of 38 companies was presented to the client for review and comments, who requested that EasyLink focuses on selected companies with an indicated higher potential for cooperation. Out of 36 companies that were eventually contacted, 7 expressed interest in meeting the client and several more requested additional information for further evaluation. EasyLink set up 6 meetings, which also required the client to travel the Zlín region, where the Plastics Cluster is located and where the client was able to meet some of the largest HDPE processors in the country. EasyLink also provided in-market support and assisted with all travel and interpretation arrangements.

Compiling a contact list - Russia

Completion: 2013 - 02
Target markets: RU
Objective: The client offers complete line of high pressure mixing and dispensing equipment for rigid and flexible foams, integral skin, elastomers, binders, and adhesives. The aim of the project was to compile a contact list of companies within the sector to be then approached by the client and invited to a major sector-specific trade fair.
Results: In less than 4 business days we managed to complete the project and collect contact details of 83% of the target group (contact person and email or phone number). Client’s quote: „Thank you. Your company did a great job. “

Identifying independent sales agents meeting very specific criteria

Completion: 2010 - 07
Target markets: PL
Objective: Our Spanish client commercializes standardized plastic parts for the industry and wishes to find sales agents in Poland meeting very specific criteria.
Results: The project was ended early as our in-depth research proved that the target sector in Poland is structured differently from our client's original expectations and we could not identify companies that would fully match the client's very specific selection criteria.

Partner search project in Poland

Completion: 2009 - 04
Target markets: PL
Objective: An Ohio-based manufacturer of plasticating components such as screws, screw tips, barrels, nozzles, end caps/nozzle adapters and heater-bands to the plastics industry was seeking distribution partners in Poland. The plastics sector is one of the fastest developing areas within the chemical industry in Poland, and has been growing rapidly for the last 10 years. Experts forecast future growth since plastics consumption and usage in Poland is still behind levels observed in Western Europe.
Results: A total of 21 pre-selected prospective partners were directly approached and interviewed by the consultant. Following initial phone conversation their managers were sent additional information about the client and their plasticating components. After having the opportunity to consider the offer, they were contacted again to obtain their final decision. 5 companies interested in further talks/partnership were identified, each possessing different strengths and weaknesses. Our conversations with current suppliers of plasticating screws and components suggest the key buyers are end-users of plastic injection moulding and plastic extrusion machines. The plasticating components market in Poland is dominated by products imported from China, even though their quality is being questioned.

Searching for a manufacturer of LDPE/LLDPE films for industrial applications

Completion: 2009 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Easylink was requested to conduct a customized partner search among companies that have access to film extrusion facilities, qualified sales team and with potential to build/expand VCI (corrosion protection additives) business in LDPE/LLDPE film production.
Results: Easylink’s consultant identified and approached 26 companies dealing with LDPE/LLDPE films production/distribution. 11 companies were interested in meeting our client’s representative, including 9 producers and 2 distributors.

U.S. producer of thermoformed parts looking for distribution partners

Completion: 2009 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was enlisted by a world leader in custom thermoformed parts to identify, approach, evaluate and recommend prospective distribution partners for its material handling systems in the Czech Republic.
Results: A total of 22 pre-selected prospective partners were interviewed by the consultant. EasyLink’s consultants recommended 3 prospects for direct communication and provided their detailed profiles and contact details of English-speaking decision makers. The report also included information on the Czech plastic packaging market.

In-depth market potential evaluation

Completion: 2009 - 02
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned by a Czech company to evaluate potential for production of PET film from recycled or virgin PET materials. Our task was to analyze competition and identify end user sectors as well as map potential customers and their needs.
Results: EasyLink’s consultant carried research of secondary resources (e.g. company databases and websites) as well as interviewed experts in recycling of PET materials into PET flakes and potential users of PET films (e.g. producers of blisters). Our report provided clear in-sight into the key players on the Czech PET market; we identified and profiled two suppliers of PET films and 27 companies with confirmed use of PET films in their production.

Manufacturer of rubber products for glass distributors and window manufacturers seeking partners

Completion: 2008 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was requested to conduct customized market research and partner selection amongst companies dealing with glass distribution or sale of packaging, insulating and sealing materials.
Results: The consultant identified and approached 13 pre-selected companies to discuss their qualification for and interest in generating sales and establishing distribution of client's products in the Czech Republic. The consultant recommended the client to directly approach 4 companies (qualified with confirmed interest in negotiation).

Irish manufacturer seeking injection moulding contractors in Slovakia

Completion: 2007 - 11
Target markets: SK
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to seek a minimum of 3 qualified contractors and obtain their specific price quotations based on a technical RFQ provided to us at the start of the project.
Results: Within just 5 working days from project confirmation, EasyLink obtained 3 quotations from prospective Slovak contractors.

U.K. producer of polyurethane materials looking for partners in the automotive industry

Completion: 2006 - 08
Target markets: CZ
Objective: A U.K. producer contracted our services to identify, approach and schedule meetings with prospective partners in the Czech automotive industry.
Results: EasyLink’s consultant identified and approached 12 automotive manufacturers to evaluate their qualification and interest in discussing specific business opportunities with the client. Meetings were scheduled with 4 prospects. EasyLink provided the client with logistics-related assistance and accompanied the client to all meetings to provide in market support and interpret.

Setting customer appointments in Hungary

Completion: 2006 - 03
Target markets: HU
Objective: EasyLink was asked to schedule appointments with prospective customers.
Results: The consultant in Hungary screened close to 300 companies in market segments of interest (construction, outdoor swimming pools, garden building, fences, mobile buildings, furniture, plastic windows, sanitary products, plastic packaging and processing). The number of contacted companies reached 41 (the agreed project specification called for between 15-25 targets). A three-day meeting itinerary was arranged for the client.

Identifying sources of recycled/sorted plastic waste in Poland

Completion: 2006 - 01
Target markets: PL
Objective: Our task was to identify sources of recycled/sorted plastic waste to assist our U.K. client in determining whether or not the Polish market offers sufficient potential.
Results: We carried out market research to address specific issues to help the client determine the best route to market.

U.K. producer of window safety films seeking a local distribution partner

Completion: 2005 - 12
Target markets: CZ
Objective: A global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of precision-coated specialty substrates for medical, imaging and electronic technologies enlisted our assistance to identify, approach and evaluate prospective partners and schedule meetings with companies interested in partnership.
Results: After detailed screening of pre-selected prospects, we scheduled meetings with five companies with confirmed interest in partnership talks with the client.

Evaluating market potential for master batch for plastics

Completion: 2005 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The largest independent producer of master batch in the U.K. is seeking to find an agent already selling/distributing virgin plastic materials and with a good technical capability along with a good standard of English. Although the master batches are produced on a bespoke basis, the Czech partner would not be expected to hold stock, although may elect to keep stock of commodity colours.
Results: Altogether 8 companies confirmed interest to further communicate with the client about possible cooperation and terms of trade; all companies already distribute virgin plastic materials and believe to be able to successfully develop a market within their existing client base as well as to address new clients in the future. One of the companies requested a quote for a 25 kg batch of master batch prior to further negotiation.

In-depth market study

Completion: 2005 - 02
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The main objective of this market research was to provide an overview of the Czech water tank and electrical and gas metering cabinets markets and assess market potential for client’s products.
Results: We conducted desk research of in-house databases, trade directories, Internet resources and trade fair catalogues as well as a series of telephone interviews with relevant industry contacts. Our work addressed the following key questions: how water tanks and electrical and gas metering cabinets are currently being sold in the Czech Republic, who are the key suppliers and who are the key buyers, who are the major influencers and decision makers and who specifies technical requirements. We further estimated the market size of each of the segments of interest and provided information about the key competitors (incl. company profiles and specification of products) as well as potential distribution partners/agents and installers (again providing their company profiles). Last but not least, the client was provided a list of sector-specific contacts such as periodicals, tradeshows, conferences, government/regulatory agencies, business associations and key individuals etc. The study was presented as two separate reports, each close to 50 pages in length; one file was dedicated to the water tanks market and the other to electrical and gas metering cabinets.

Partner search project

Completion: 2005 -
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client specialises in the design, construction and installation of bespoke equipment, providing solutions to the complex materials handling problems of a worldwide customer base of manufacturers of PET and other plastic containers. The client recognises that it needs to establish relationships with agents currently dealing with compatible equipment after having identified the new EU accession states as being markets that the company wishes to target. The client would like to identify agents/distributors of compatible machinery such as blow moulding machines, strapping and wrapping equipment.
Results: During thorough research of suppliers of packaging and blow moulding machines we did not find any company that would match the requested profile of a prospective partner, i.e. a company that would supply PET container manufacturers with machinery, would be a Czech distributor, would not be an exclusive agent of a competitive manufacturer and would be willing and interested to enter in negotiation. Our findings indicated that the proposed method of entering the Czech market through a distributor was not feasible and the market potential was limited. We thus recommended the client to explore direct marketing efforts, i.e. targeting potential customers.

In-depth analysis of sales opportunities in the Czech plastics industry

Completion: 2004 -
Target markets: CZ
Objective: In addition to preparing a detailed market study we were engaged to carry a partner search project for a German supplier of PTFE components and semi-finished products.
Results: The plastics industry has been one of the most dynamically growing sectors of the Czech economy; aggregate sales, imports and exports all almost doubled from 1997 to 2003, and the sector attracted over USD 72 million in FDI between 1993 and 2003. EasyLink also pre-selected and contacted 22 companies to evaluate their interest in partnering up with the client.

Research of potential customers

Completion: 2004 -
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client, a supplier of sterile plastic containers and packaging, commissioned EasyLink to identify potential customers in the Czech Republic and assess their purchasing behaviour and procedures as well as potential for sourcing from the client.
Results: EasyLink identified and engaged two groups of potential customers – 56 producers of pharmaceuticals, medications, food supplements and medical products and 37 distributors and wholesalers of consumable medical materials as well as pharmaceuticals. EasyLink then interviewed their managers in charge of procurement of consumables, particularly plastic packaging. Separate questionnaires were utilised for each above-discussed group of customers. EasyLink then analysed the answers and prepared summaries and graphs to present the findings (e.g. the majority of interviewed companies places orders and their supplier delivers the goods to their facility as well as the majority of companies tend to utilize a standing supplier without going through a tender process for each order). Our interviews further identified 3 manufacturers and 1 distributor that were urgently looking for a new supplier and recommended the client to contact them immediately.

Identifying distributors in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2002 - 10
Target markets: CZ
Objective: In the past, our client – a specialist in high-tech bonded seals - relied on a sister company in France to cover Eastern Europe. However, now the company wishes to target the Czech Republic as the first step to establishing its own distribution network in the CEE region. The client is looking for distributors to stock/deliver and eventually to manage the selling operation.
Results: 10 companies were identified as potential candidates and contacted by telephone for a brief conversation on client’s products. All prospects were interested in receiving further information, which was sent to them by email. After their close evaluation, 5 companies expressed interest in meeting the client to discuss specific opportunities and to obtain detailed information, and one-to-one appointments were arranged.

Irish supplier of injection moulding and tools visits the Czech market to meet prospective contractors

Completion: 2000 - 06
Target markets: CR + SK
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to identify, approach and evaluate prospective contractors with experience in blow moulding and equipped with blow moulding machines capable of making large parts – 60-litre head capacity.
Results: The consultant identified 5 prospective partners meeting all the client’s criteria and arranged one-to-one meetings for June 2000. The client was then accompanied by EasyLink’s managing director who provided market support and interpretation assistance.

Approaching prospective distribution partners in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2000 - 02
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was requested by a Welsh supplier of air filtration systems for metalworking and welding applications to identify and approach prospective distribution partners in the Czech Republic and schedule a series of meetings with top candidates.
Results: Following a round of one-to-one meetings, the client’s preferred candidate confirmed their interest in cooperation.

Identifying partners in the Czech Republic

Completion: 1999 - 10
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client, one of the leading independent semiconductor foundries in Europe, requested EasyLink to determine sales opportunities amongst companies manufacturing electronic components, integrated circuits and telecommunication equipment.
Results: EasyLink identified 3 prospective buyers – manufacturers of integrated circuits and assessed their interest in receiving detailed information from the client. In addition, EasyLink contacted other companies that were initially considered as possible partners; however, none of them proved to be a potential buyer. EasyLink then recommended the client to contact the three candidates with product literature, preferably including a price list, to establish interest in further contact. The client then travelled to the Czech Republic to meet the top candidate in February 2000. EasyLink’s managing director accompanied the client to the meeting to provide market support and interpretation assistance.

Czech Republic: U.K. supplier of bonded seals explores route-to-market

Completion: 1999 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The objective of this project was to identify the correct route to market for a supplier of bonded seals for the automotive, chemical, industrial and aerospace industries. Our task was to contact design engineers in the process plant manufacturing and automotive sectors.
Results: EasyLink assessed potential within the automotive industry (rather limited due to Skoda’s procurement procedures), process plant manufacturers (contacting for instance the largest company working for the chemical and petrochemical industry), rubber products & sealing manufacturers (interviewing several potential joint-venture partners) and seal distributors (contacting a major distributor of sealing products for industrial use). EasyLink’s consultant then asked the client to provide additional information and answer particular questions asked by prospective customers before proceeding further.