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Chemický a petrochemický průmysl, energetika

Energy sector in the Czech Republic – updating EasyLink´s 2019 report

Completion: 2022 - 01
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client requested EasyLink to update the Energy Sector market study that was initially produced in 2019. Upon EasyLink´s recommendation, structure of the January 2022 report was modified to reflect the latest development in the Czech/EU energy sector, several new chapters were added, while others were removed in order not to exceed a reasonable length of the report.
Results: Through the European Green Deal, the EU works towards energy sector decarbonization to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Transition of the Czech energy sector to low emission technologies (to an energy mix built on nuclear power and renewable resources) will be an expensive process spanning several decades. Over the past decade, the share of thermal (mainly coal-fired) plants in electricity production gradually declined (from 58.9% in 2009 to 43.2% in 2020) alongside an increase in the role of combined cycle, gas-fired, and photovoltaic power plants. The share of nuclear plants reached 37% in 2020. Over 36,000 sources producing electricity are registered; the partially state-owned ČEZ Group generates almost three-quarters of electric energy. Renewable resources generated 13% of gross electricity in 2020. Hydro-energy accounted for almost 20% of production of electricity from renewable resources, biomass for 24%, biogas for 25%, and photovoltaic plants for 23%. Since an uncontrolled boom in construction of photovoltaic plants in 2009 and 2010, support for new photovoltaic power plants has been limited to rooftop installations or installations for direct consumption of electricity by households or businesses. To meet its targets, the Czech Republic needs to restart development of large photovoltaic power plants. Natural gas is imported via cross-border transfer stations on the border with Germany. The past decade recorded increased use of gas for electricity production as well as higher supply to CNG stations. Heat production is mainly fueled by brown coal (40%), natural gas (20%), and biomass (14%). Use of brown and hard coal continues to decline. The heat sector is characterized by large centralized heat supply systems.

Assessing business opportunities within Czech and Romanian gas distribution companies and large gas consumers

Completion: 2021 - 12
Target markets: CZ,RO
Objective: Italian supplier of skid-mounted equipment commonly installed on natural gas distribution pipelines as part of pressure reduction and metering stations requested a market research report based both on primary and secondary sources that would provide a real estimate of the actual and future size of selected CEE markets. The Czech Republic was selected as the first market to be evaluated. Upon conclusion of its analysis, which served as a reference work, assessment of the Romanian market followed.
Results: Desk research tools included analysis of websites, annual reports, and infrastructure development plans of gas distributors, media articles, tender entries by private and public/state organizations selecting suppliers of regulation stations as well as websites of companies selling technologies for the gas sector. Phone interviews were conducted with experts within the Czech Gas Association, managers overseeing development and maintenance of gas regulation stations at Net4Gas (Transmission System Operator), all three gas distributors in the country (Pražská plynárenská Distribuce, GasNet, and EG.D) as well as the leading producers in three sectors of interest: electricity & heat, cement & glass, and chemical & petrochemical (i.e. largest consumers of natural gas). EasyLink inquired about their number of regulation stations in operation, their modernization and development plans, information on how they procure regulation stations (tenders and qualification processes), technologies used, and past/current/future suppliers. The campaign solicited two specific requests for a price quote. A very similar course of action was followed in Romania, yet the process of establishing direct communication with relevant managers at gas distribution companies was less straightforward than in the Czech Republic where the market and private sector are more transparent and less bureaucratic. Phone interviews were carried with Transgaz, Asociația Energia Inteligentă, 9 gas distribution companies, ACUE (Federation of Associations of Energy Utility Companies), and FFPG (The Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation). The project scope in Romania was extended to also include the competitive analysis of gas and electricity retailers; EasyLink researched and analyzed websites, media articles, TV commercials, official information from the Romanian Authority for Energy Regulation (ANRE), and carried mystery shopping – approaching a number of gas and electricity suppliers to request their gas and electricity offers and compiling a spreadsheet with head-to-head comparison of gas and electricity price offers for households in the city of Bucharest. In a project extension in late 2021, EasyLink also delivered in-depth market intelligence on gas & electricity market in Romania by analysing the segment of maintenance and overhaul of gas infrastructure and available odorizing solutions, collecting information on billing software used by gas distributors, reviewing studying financial health of 6 selected gas suppliers as well as providing detailed information on 10 selected electricity suppliers.

US producer of industrial coatings reapproaches the Polish market

Completion: 2021 - 03
Target markets: PL
Objective: Our client first explored the market via a partner search project in 2019 when EasyLink identified 5 leads potentially interested in a partnership. The client now wished to renew talks with the prospects and introduce their new product, an anti-microbial coating that had showed to be effective in protecting against COVID-19. The client tasked EasyLink with reigniting interest in the 5 potential partners and arrange virtual meetings with interested parties.
Results: Our in-market consultant reached out to all the parties and arranged virtual meetings with 3 interested leads.

US client benefits from EasyLink's support in obtaining EAC certification in Russia

Completion: 2021 - 03
Target markets: RU
Objective: A US company received an order from a European company to build equipment (in the value of close to USD 1,000,000) and deliver it directly to a customer in Russia. A last minute requirement showed that the equipment needed to be certified under EAC regulations. An initial price quotation from a certification agency in Europe was prohibitively high. EasyLink was approached with request to verify that EAC certification is indeed required and to identify/recommend qualified Russian certification service providers.
Results: EasyLink's team in Russia studied the subject matter and determined the required certification and what options exist for successfully obtaining it. We then communicated with specialist certification agencies to define the exact service required, including their fees. Two months later, this extract from an email nicely sums up the results we helped achieve: "My deepest thanks and gratitude to you for being fast and serious about solving the company issues." The client's conformity papers were complete and they ended up paying only a small fraction of the first provider's quotation.

UK company seeks new opportunities in gas & oil industry in Russia

Completion: 2021 -
Target markets: RU
Objective: The company has currently an agent in Russia, however, has not been satisfied with their representation. The sales in the region have been very low despite the huge scale of the Russian Oil and Gas sector.
Results: At the first stage of the partner search, 22 prospective partners were identified among distributors and suppliers of testing and measuring equipment for the oil & gas industry and distributors of detection, safety, and environmental products in Russia. In the second phase, the In market consultant approached 14 companies selected by the client, of which 3 companies were ready to discuss partnership opportunities. However, during the market assessment, it turned out that there was an order from the Russian government for major oil and gas companies to give preference to Russian equipment. Thus, the problem might be in the market and not in the wrong business partner.

US specialist in design and manufacture of pipe suspension equipment targets Turkey

Completion: 2020 - 06
Target markets: TR
Objective: The project objective was to identify and approach potential sales and distribution partners in Turkey who may be manufacturers of similar or complementary equipment, engineering companies as well as distributors and importers.
Results: We identified and prepared short profiles of 20 prospective partners for review and comments by the client.14 companies were approved for contact and 1 additional company was contacted based on a referral obtained during the process. Five (5) companies expressed interest in meeting with the client, and virtual meetings were arranged where a member of our team also participated to provide support and continuity. Client's feedback proved their satisfaction: "Many thanks again for producing the report and setting up the virtual meetings. I found them all of interest.Going forward when we are able [due to covid-related travel restrictions] it would be worth meeting all five on a face-to-face basis."

Identifying export opportunities in the Czech energy sector

Completion: 2019 - 05
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was asked to deliver an in-depth study of the Czech energy sector providing insight into its current state and identifying specific opportunities.
Results: Almost 88 TWh of electricity was generated in 2018. Brown coal and nuclear fuel combine for 75% of electricity production. Given its climatic and geographic conditions, the country utilizes a mix of renewable resources – biomass, biogas, liquid biofuels, water, sun and wind, geothermal energy, and energy from the surrounding environment. The State Energy Policy calls for renewable resources to become the second largest element in the energy mix by 2040 (with an 18-25% share) after nuclear energy, while the share of coal should fall to 15-20%. In 2018, 8.18 billion cubic meters of natural gas were consumed and 161,542 TJ of heat produced. Over 36,000 sources produce electricity; ČEZ Group dominates, accounting for almost three-quarters of production. Due to its significant industrial production, the Czech Republic has one of the highest per capita production volumes of carbon dioxide emissions in Europe. Reducing carbon emissions is thus a major challenge. According to the National Action Plan for Clean Mobility, by 2020, there should be 6,000 electric cars, 11,000 plug-in hybrid cars, and 50,000 CNG vehicles as well as 1,300 public charging stations for electric cars and 200 public CNG filling stations. Experts predict the energy storage solutions segment will boom in about five years. Development of energy sector infrastructure is a never-ending process requiring major investments annually, which creates business opportunities for a large range of companies.

Italian producer of metallic cans wishes to meet Czech producers of paints and varnishes.

Completion: 2018 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: A traditional Italian manufacturer of metallic cans for food and chemical industries wants to penetrate the Czech market and find clients among producers of paints, coatings and varnishes.
Results: EasyLink used its databases and knowledge of the industry to prepare a list of 23 matching companies for the client. They were then approached to present the client's portfolio and evaluate their interest. The project resulted in 5 meetings with some of the most known local brands such as Teluria.

Industrial cleaning service provider revisits the Czech Republic

Completion: 2017 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client, a UK specialist in thermo-chemical removal of contaminants from process equipment aiming especially at large chemical and plastics processing plants wished to revisit selected previous contacts and target new prospective partners involved in facility management for relevant industrial plants.
Results: Seven companies expressed interest in meeting the client – 3 potential end-clients and 4 facility management companies involved in industrial projects. Companies met included a facility management company looking after the 2 Czech oil refineries (representatives of which were also present at the meeting), a leading plastics processing company and the largest Czech industrial textile company.

Partner search in CZ and PL for a US manufacturer of used oil re-refining technology

Completion: 2017 - 05
Target markets: PL,CZ
Objective: First the client requested introductory market intelligence in order to assess the level of business potential… Based on the findings, they signed up to join a group trade mission to visit Poland and Czech Republic and meet with prospective customers and partners.
Results: EasyLink consultants in both countries collected information regarding collection and management of used oil and lubricants, the use of collected oil and whether or not EU or other funding is available for oil re-refining. The consultant approached a total of 50 entities in CZ and in Poland. 8 meetings were arranged in the Czech Republic and 4 in Poland. EasyLink also provided all necessary in-market support (arrangement of all logistic issues, accommodation, interpreting services etc.).

Data monitoring: paints and varnishes in Poland

Completion: 2017 - 03
Target markets: PL
Objective: Our German client, a producer of paints and varnishes with focus on wood varnishes, wants to set up a kind of monitoring for the most important market information concerning the sector in Poland. Our pre-research included availability of certain information and feasibility of collection of such information.
Results: EasyLink researched the paints and varnishes market in order to identify what data/information would be readily and regularly available. We also screened 5 selected local competitors with focus on brand awareness/brand recognition and financial data. We provided the client with an overview of what data would be available for thorough research and what methods should be deployed to gather them (desk research, statistical data, interviews with market players, authorities etc.).

Database of potential partners in Hungary

Completion: 2017 - 03
Target markets: HU
Objective: The client requested a database of companies in 5 segments of the Hungarian economy: manufacturers of plastic cards/security prints, big screen printing houses, big textile printing houses, edge banding producers, and sock producers.
Results: EasyLink compiled a database with around 20 companies in each of the 5 requested segments, including company name, address, website and details of a contact person.

Key supplier in Europe for raw material specialities hires EasyLink to develop exports

Completion: 2016 - 12
Target markets: PL&HU&CZ&SK
Objective: The client approached us for information on potential buyers in multiple Central & Eastern European countries, starting with Poland. Our task was to build a database of companies across multiple end-user segments, including Automotive putties, Industrial explosives, Tooling boards, Paints & Coatings, Gel coats, and Adhesives & Bonding pastes.
Results: First, EasyLink delivered a tailored database of potential customers in nearly a dozen end-user segments in Poland. Upon their satisfaction with of our results, the client approved extending our research also to Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The project helped the client to identify new customers not only in markets they have not yet pursued, but even in the Czech Republic and Slovakia where their Prague-based sales teams have already been active for quite some time.

Italian company in advanced finishing solutions looks for suppliers in Poland

Completion: 2016 - 12
Target markets: PL
Objective: Client had interest in cooperation with Polish chemical factories involved in the production of colours and inks. These factories must be located in the western and central part of Poland (Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Lodz, Krakow regions). The strategic objective of our client was to find potential suppliers/subcontractors.
Results: We produced a report containing detailed profiles of 19 manufacturers of paints and inks. Data provided also included information about year of establishment, number of employees, latest available turnover in EUR and contact details of sales managers/senior managers who would subsequently be approached with a buying request.

Identifying key players in the Czech industrial chemicals market

Completion: 2016 - 12
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client manufactures an extensive range of products that are used in numerous industries including plastics, coatings (paints), elastomers, adhesives, sealants, personal care, hydrogen peroxide stabilization, oil/gas drilling applications, electronics, and lubricants. EasyLink was asked to map activities of key competitors and identify potential customers in the Czech Republic.
Results: We identified key competitors and mapped their local activities as well as activities of companies that distribute products of our client in other markets around the world. We identified leading importers and distributors of chemicals in the Czech Republic. We also mapped potential customers across various industries.

Process cleaning company from Northern Ireland looking for customers in Hungary and Slovakia

Completion: 2016 - 10
Target markets: HU,SK
Objective: Our client is a service company involved in thermo-chemical removal of contaminants and other materials from process equipment such as filters, filter bundles, heat exchangers, hoses, blocks and other process plant equipment from a variety of applications. It is the approved cleaner for PALL Europe (largest EU filter producer). Following a successful visit in the Czech Republic in 2015 the company wishes again to avail of EasyLink's services to identify customers and partners in Hungary and Slovakia.
Results: The domestic chemical industry has traditionally been one of the largest sectors of the national economy in Slovakia. In Hungary, the entire chemical industry, which besides the manufacturing of chemicals and chemical products, includes oil refining and the production of pharmaceuticals, rubber and plastic products, is traditionally one of the leading sectors of the economy as it employs 10 percent—more than 75,000 people—of the industrial workforce across more than 1,000 companies. Based on the project brief prepared for the client, EasyLink Slovakia and Hungary conducted market research into facility management companies and industrial cleaning services companies providing maintenance services, and oil & gas companies, producers of chemicals and polymer processors. We arranged 6 meetings in Slovakia (with e.g. CHEMOSVIT - largest producer of polypropylene fibers and SLOVNAFT - one of the ten largest polymer producers in Europe) and 5 meetings in Hungary (including with petrochemical giant MOL), thus introducing great opportunities for the client in the Slovak and Hungarian market.

Market selection: CEE countries

Completion: 2016 - 10
Target markets: CZ,SK,PL,HU,RO,BG
Objective: The client is a specialist in hard-to-handle lubrication problems in truck diesel engines. Looking for prospects for export regions, the C&EE region has been identified as having seen recent growth in the automotive sector, but which could be markets with a high percentage of older diesel engines that could benefit from the company’s performance enhancing solutions. The client wished EasyLink to initially conduct some market research to identify countries in this region that appear to offer the best prospects.
Results: In assessing each of the target markets (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania), EasyLink's consultants in the respective countries focused on describing the national fleets of trucks, lorries, heavy utility cars and agricultural tractors and provided numbers and average age of operated vehicles. We also looked at existing logistic parks and distribution centres for trucks as being major targets for the client's solutions. Based on information gathered we compiled a recommendation of two markets with the best potential for the client to start with in the CEE region.

Oil price providers seeks new clients in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2015 - 10
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client offers a broad range of oil and foreign exchange prices, news and analysis which are delivered to clients via a suite of innovative delivery systems. Their objective in conducting a project with us was to gain new leads and potential clients in the market, to contact existing potentail clients with improved product offering (relative to their visit to the market one year earlier), and to increase awareness of brand and the benefits of their service in the market.
Results: EasyLink contacted 42 companies out of which 4 companies expressed interest in meeting, including the largest airline the Czech Rep. (Travel Service) and the biggest independent issuer of fleet cards in Central and Easter Europe. In the clients own words: “…We were very pleased with the new leads generated and meetings obtained by EasyLink…”

Partner search for US electrical engineering consultant in the Czech Republic and Poland

Completion: 2015 - 09
Target markets: CZ,PL
Objective: EasyLink was entrusted with identifying suitable joint venture/agent/direct sales partners for a US provider of electrical engineering services in the power and utility sector. EasyLink identified and approached 20 potential partners in CZ and 32 in PL.
Results: The pool of prospects included electric utilities, power plant operators, high voltage and extra high voltage electrical contractors, renewable energy project developers, government entities etc. We managed to arrange 8 focused meetings in each of the country and provided all in-market assistance (including country briefings, logistic and interpretation services).

UK provider of thermo-chemical removal of contaminants wishes to follow-up in Poland

Completion: 2015 - 05
Target markets: PL
Objective: Following successful market visits in the Czech Republic and Poland arranged by EasyLink in 2014, the client requested EasyLink to facilitate a follow-up market visit to Poland to nurture existing and develop new contacts and to meet with selected prospective customers (end-users who have fouled process equipment which can be transported to the client’s premises for chemical refurbishment). EasyLink’s primary task was to arrange follow-up trip for the client and to arrange meeting with companies already visited by them in September 2014 and/or to arrange meetings with additional companies located in Central and Northern Poland.
Results: EasyLink identified 15 prospects (both existing/previously approached and new clients) and provided them with information about the client’s solutions. Two companies expressed interest in meeting the client during his visit to Poland in May 2015 and two companies wished to be approached at a later time due to their inability to meet during the current market visit. EasyLink also provides assistance / information on arrangement of transportation and interpretation services wherever necessary.

UK industrial cleaning company seeks customers and partners in the Czech Republic and Poland

Completion: 2014 - 11
Target markets: CZ&PL
Objective: The client was a unique customer focused organisation specialising in the thermo-chemical removal of contaminants and other materials from process equipment such as filters, filter bundles, heat exchangers, hoses, blocks and other process plant equipment for a variety of applications. In the first stage of the project the task assigned by the client was to provide relevant background market information on refineries (type of oil they are using, light vs. Heavy / high sulphur oil), polymer plants (identify key potential customers and describe their product portfolio) and check potential of cleaning filters in de-sulphurisation units of coal-based power plants.
Results: EasyLink conducted market research into producers of chemicals, oil refineries, pharmaceutical companies, polymer producers and other prospective end-customers with supposed need for filter cleaning, service/maintenance companies, machinery distributors, etc. providing maintenance services to the aforementioned end-customers and industrial filter producers. In the Czech Republic, the consultant compiled an initial list of 55 companies and based on available data and initial interest of targeted companies, created a target database of 24 prospective customers and 11 qualified potential partners. In Poland, EasyLink compiled a target database of 24 prospective customers and 6 potential partners as well as 2 producers. In order to prepare this database EasyLink contacted 50 initially selected companies. In the second phase of the project, EasyLink contacted prospects previously shortlisted by the client in both countries and arranged 6 meetings in Poland in September and 6 meetings in the Czech Republic in November 2014. We provided the client with detailed itineraries and comprehensive in-market support. The reports helped the client identify specific opportunities in various sectors and focus on the next steps to be taken during and after meetings with prospects in both countries.

UK cleaning technology provider evaluates potential in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2014 - 11
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client specializes in thermo-chemical removal of contaminants and other materials from process equipment such as filters, filter bundles, heat exchangers, hoses, blocks and other process plant equipment from a variety of applications. The company can now offer tailor-made processes depending on specific customer requirements.
Results: During an earlier stage of the project EasyLink focused on identification and targeting of producers of chemicals, oil refineries, pharmaceutical companies, polymer producers and other prospective end-customers with supposed need for filter cleaning. EasyLink compiled a database of 55 companies and created a target database of 24 prospective customers and 11 potential partners. All 35 companies were contacted by phone in order to establish a point of contact and whether the client’s services would be of interest. From the database compiled by EasyLink, the client selected 27 companies-end users of interest and wished to visit the Czech Republic to meet with those of them interested in cooperation. The market report prepared by EasyLink included an extensive market overview, profiles of potential end-users and partners to be reviewed and evaluated by the client. The consultant approached all 27 companies shortlisted by the client. 8 companies were interested in discussing potential partnership and meetings were arranged with 6 of them (two companies were not available for meeting on the date of the client’s visit). EasyLink provided the client with a detailed meeting itinerary including the latest comments from the prospects. EasyLink arranged all the logistics and accompanied the client to meetings where interpretation was required.

Investigating tax incentives and background check in Hungary

Completion: 2014 - 06
Target markets: HU
Objective: Our client would like to create a company that supplies their products to customers located throughout Europe and nearby non-EU countries like Russia and ex-Yugoslavia. The idea is for the company to partner with a local company who already distributes for them and they would also be a minority owner in the company. The client is wondering if there are any current tax incentives to create a company in Hungary and also what types of things to watch out for.
Results: We contacted the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) to inquire about available subsidies and incentives. In the second stage of the project we conducted a background check of a Hungarian company the client intends to work with. Resources employed to complete the task included the Trade Register, major business directories, media articles, company websites as well as the consultant’s own market knowledge and contacts.

Overview of the fuel and chemicals market in Poland

Completion: 2014 - 02
Target markets: PL
Objective: Our client manufactures components such as valves, manlids, and pressure/vacuum relief valves for highway cargo tanks and various other industrial applications. The company is interested in entering the Polish market and identifying a local distributor. However, prior to a partner search, an in-market consultant was asked to prepare an overview of the Polish fuel and chemicals market with special emphasis paid to transportation of such products (e.g. from refineries to gas stations) and identifying the main players as well as leading local cargo fuel and stainless steel tanks manufacturers.
Results: The 11-page report composed by EasyLink's consultant in Poland included data on fuel sales, number and structure of gas stations, ownership structure of gas stations, number of gas stations by brand names, share of each brand among branded gas stations, data on distribution of fuels and on cargo tanks manufacturers.

Background check of two Polish companies

Completion: 2014 - 02
Target markets: PL
Objective: The client is involved in purchase, rehabilitation, and resale of industrial gas production equipment. The company has requested EasyLink to carry a background check of two companies in Poland - a prospective JV-partner and a potential customer.
Results: Resources employed to complete the task included the Trade Register, major business directories, media articles, company websites as well as the consultant’s own market knowledge. The consultant provided contact details of both companies, profiles, number of branch offices, ownership structure, number of employees, turnover figures (where available) and capital ties in other companies.

Cleaning and sanitizing chemicals: distributor search in Poland

Completion: 2013 - 06
Target markets: PL
Objective: The client manufactures and sells a wide range of cleaning and sanitizing chemicals for use in industries including hospitality and leisure, food and drink production, and healthcare. The EasyLink consultant in Poland was commissioned to identify and arrange meetings with potential local Polish partners.
Results: The EasyLink consultant in Poland conducted market research into companies involved in supplying hotels/restaurants/laundries etc., selling/leasing other complementary equipment such as professional kitchen appliances/machinery, behind-the-bar accessories and equipment, aprons, crockery/glass, hotel furniture etc., as well as existing distributors of professional cleaning chemicals. 25 companies were shortlisted and contacted by phone and email. The consultant managed to arrange 4 meetings with prospective partners.

Another market assessment for a U.K. fuel card provider

Completion: 2013 - 06
Target markets: PL
Objective: After a successful market visit in the Czech Republic, our client (a leading U.K. provider of fuel cards) is now looking at the Polish market.
Results: EasyLink contacted 25 potential partners in Poland and achieved a similar number of successful in-market meetings (7) as in the Czech Republic.

Leading U.S. manufacturer of radiation training simulators targets the Czech Republic

Completion: 2013 - 05
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client’s products are the only training tools of their kind providing true to life meter readings without exposure to radiation. The main end users of the simulators are training departments at utilities, first responders, nuclear medicine facilities or other commercial entities utilizing radioactive material. EasyLink was requested to identify and approach prospective distributors and schedule meetings with companies with confirmed interest in discussing collaboration opportunities with the client during his trip to Prague in May 2013.
Results: EasyLink conducted market research into companies supplying equipment to nuclear power plants, nuclear medicine facilities, and emergency and rescue units. The consultant approached 17 prospects and scheduled 2 meetings (including with 1 key supplier to nuclear power plants).

EasyLink facilitates market entry to a leading U.K. provider of fuel cards

Completion: 2013 - 04
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client is a provider of fuel cards, enabling commercial customers (especially bus and truck companies) to purchase fuel at petrol stations across Europe with numerous benefits. The client’s network currently includes approximately 3,500 sites (fuel stations) across UK, Ireland and continental Europe.
Results: EasyLink conducted market research into companies involved in operation of petrol station chains and distribution of oils and lubricants. A total of 38 companies were shortlisted and contacted by phone and EasyLink managed to arrange 9 meetings with potential partners (e.g. ČEPRO and AGROFERT HOLDING).

Competitive intelligence in Russia

Completion: 2013 - 02
Target markets: RU
Objective: The aim of the project was to obtain a quotation for non-destructive testing inspection services provided by a client’s competitor in Russia.
Results: EasyLink consultant in Russia managed to obtain the quotation for NDT inspection services as requested by the client. EasyLink also obtained a sample test report to be provided to the client.

U.S. supplier of surface protection solutions meets end-customers and partners in the Czech Republic and Poland

Completion: 2012 - 11
Target markets: CZ&PL
Objective: Our client, a provider of erosion- and corrosion-resistant thermal spray coating applied in industrial vessels and equipment such as boilers and corrosion resistant welding, wished to identify and meet with end-customers that had mission critical equipment and erosion/corrosion issues. Companies of interest included power companies with boilers and other equipment, paper/pulp mills that have boilers and digesters, and oil/chemical refineries. In addition, the company also wished to identify and meet prospective partners providing similar services of surface treatment, companies carrying out inspections of mission critical equipment, and providers of maintenance services for industrial boilers and digesters.
Results: EasyLink consultants in the Czech Republic and Poland contacted altogether 96 companies and received 19 positive answers stating interest in meeting the client, among others from a power/heat/gas supplier for the largest Czech steel manufacturer, the largest company responsible for maintenance at Czech nuclear and coal-firing power plants, Czech oil refineries Česká Rafinérská and Paramo, the largest energy company in central Europe – ČEZ, a.s., 2 Polish coal-firing power plants, and other heat/power/chemical producers, maintenance companies and also surface treatment providers. The client held 15 meetings during a week-long visit in November 2012.

Romania: Partner search and market evaluation project

Completion: 2012 - 11
Target markets: RO
Objective: A British engineering consultancy company providing multidiscipline engineering design, procurement, construction and project management services to the petroleum products storage and distribution industry commissioned EasyLink to conduct market potential and route to market evaluation as well as approach engineering and project design companies targeting the same end-customers to arrange meetings with interested parties for a market visit in November 2012.
Results: Our Bucharest-based consultant contacted a total of 27 companies, oil&gas companies as well as engineering/project designers and surmised that the best route to market is via local partners rather than direct cooperation with the oil&gas giants. The final report included detailed profiles of the prospective partners, a meeting itinerary with 7 companies and an overview of the oil&gas sector including information on developments and expansion news, key prospective partners involved in oil or gas storage and distribution and key competitors. EasyLink also provided support in the form of travel and interpreter arrangements and in-market assistance.

Korean supplier of cleaners for a wide range of industries meets local distributors

Completion: 2011 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our task was to schedule meetings with prospective distribution partners in the Czech Republic.
Results: EasyLink pre-selected, approached and evaluated 33 companies involved in distribution of industrial chemicals and cleansing agents. Seven highly qualified companies expressed their interest in meeting the client.

EasyLink completes a study of the Czech plastics, chemical and petrochemical market

Completion: 2011 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Following our completion of two market research studies the Embassy of India has requested three more projects – in-depth analyses of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors in the Czech Republic – to be completed in the first quarter of 2011.
Results: In preparation of this over 120-page report, EasyLink’s consulting team combined a multitude of resources and methods - primary resources such as interviews with market players and experts as well as secondary resources (specialized publications, legislation, official reports, trade registries, third-party reports, subscription-based company directories and media archives). As requested by the client the report followed the same structure as previous assignments. We provided information on market size and structure, key players and market trends. We further delivered an in-depth analysis of market potential, opportunities and challenges, and outlined possible market entry strategies

Polish producer and distributor of lubricating oils and fluids for coolers screens the Slovak market

Completion: 2011 -
Target markets: SK
Objective: EasyLink was asked to identify and introduce prospective partners.
Results: Our initial list included short profiles of 27 companies – distributors and wholesalers of oils, lubricants and other liquids for the automotive market. This project did not proceed further, as the company did not receive EU funding, which it conditioned the project continuation upon.

Leading Czech manufacturer of ventilation equipment orders a database of prospective customers

Completion: 2010 - 10
Target markets: CZ&SK
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to identify and profile turn-key suppliers, project designers, contractors and sub-contractors active in development, construction and modernization of heating, incineration and combined cycle power plants.
Results: The final database consisted of detailed profiles of over 200 Czech and Slovak companies. The scope of information provided for each entity included contact person details, figures on revenues and number of employees, and overview of references and company activities.

Partner search in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Completion: 2010 - 06
Target markets: CZ&SK
Objective: Our Polish client, a producer industrial chemicals, requested EasyLink to identify and approach between 15-25 potential distributors in both markets and evaluate their interest in partnership and face-to-face discussions.
Results: EasyLink’s consultants identified 7 Czech and 7 Slovak qualified companies keen to discuss partnership opportunities and terms with the client during his in-market visits in April and July 2010.

Covering major market events related to a German company in 4 CEE markets

Completion: 2010 - 06
Target markets: CZ,SK,PL,HU
Objective: EasyLink was asked to monitor market events related to electricity business of a German company and its subsidiaries or partners in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia taking place between May 2009 to May 2010.
Results: The client greatly benefited from EasyLink’s in-market consultants being able to carry secondary research of resources published in local languages. The topics of interest covered by our team included mergers, acquisitions and divestments, new partnerships, investments, organisational and personnel changes, restructuring, new contracts and new IT systems. In countries (e.g. Slovakia) where new companies were acquired we also provided information on such companies’ turnover, profitability and number of employees from the past three years as well as activities.

Project #2 for a leading European energy market player

Completion: 2010 - 04
Target markets: RO&BG
Objective: In this second project, the client requested research into the safety culture in Bulgaria and Romania. Our findings were to assist the company in improving the safety culture in the CEE region by targeting its employees, partners, customers and public.
Results: EasyLink relied on a combination of desk research of secondary resources and interviews with market experts to provide answers to a wide range of specific questions raised by the client. The report for instance addressed past and present safety activities (e.g. opening a training centre for employees and partners to improve the safety and quality, publishing a safety video, brochures and flyers), engagement in schools (contests on safety topics, training sessions on energy and security issues) and customer safety campaigns. EasyLink also described to what extent the high (legal) safety requirements are met and if they are followed, , what the knowledge / training / education is concerning the use of electricity and gas and their dangers, whether people generally use or buy domestic appliances that meet standard safety requirements, whether there are any campaigns from other companies (e.g. Siemens, Bosch and other energy companies) on the safety culture, whether there are any controls of household appliances or heat systems, if the countries have a professional education system for different professions and offer special trainings for gas- and steam fitters, whether there is an umbrella organization (guilds, chambers for installers, dealers). The client was also interested in data on income development of population, regional differences within the countries and health status of the population (life expectancy, education and disease risk, incidences of diseases and average death rate).

In-depth studies of market potential for energy efficiency and green products in 5 CEE countries

Completion: 2010 - 03
Target markets: CZ&SK&HU&RO&BG
Objective: One of the leading players on the European energy market requested EasyLink to identify the current status and to forecast the future development of energy efficiency and green products in Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary.
Results: This very extensive project (consisting of individual reports for each of the 5 countries) required in-depth research of a multitude of secondary resources as well as face-to-face and personal meetings. Our reports (close to 60-pages per country) covered many different areas of interest to the client. They described the current status of installed technologies (e.g. heat pumps, combined heat and power plants under 10 MW, biomass, solar heat, and photovoltaics), provided data on the availability and use of primary energy (i.e. natural resources and production), analysed services and their providers pertaining to construction and planning of efficiency projects, management and operation decentralized CHPs, energy efficiency consulting, contracting as well as the use of products such as smart metering, smart grids and smart homes, green technology and other products enabling to save energy. Our work targeted different customer groups: households, SMEs, industrial customers, communities and local authorities and public or state organizations. We also analyzed the use of products across individual regions within the countries. Based on our findings obtained during the course of this project, for each of the 5 countries, we identified products and technologies that present the most potential in the future.

U.S. producer of ring and plug gages for the oil & gas industries targets partners in Russia

Completion: 2009 - 09
Target markets: RU
Objective: Our client seeks a rep or distributor that sells to manufacturers of oil and gas drill pipes in Russia.
Results: EasyLink consultant in the Russian Federation researched the local market of ring and plugs gages for oil and gas drilling pipes looking for local manufactures of similar equipment, foreign competitive products, potential distributors and end customers. Since the Russian oil and gas market is huge but rather closed, we also surveyed prospects supplying to a broader range of industries, oil and gas inclusive. A total of 35 pre-selected prospective partners were directly approached and interviewed by the consultant. Following an initial phone conversation, additional information based on the client’s profile was sent to selected managers. After enough time to give them an opportunity to evaluate the offer, they were contacted again for feedback. We identified one serious candidate and 14 other companies indicating interest to receive more information from the client.

Tube cleaning specialist meeting maintenance managers in Czech power and chemical plants

Completion: 2009 - 05
Target markets: CZ
Objective: A provider of cleaning, maintenance and diagnostics services for heat exchangers sought to directly approach potential customers in the Czech Republic.
Results: The consultant interviewed maintenance managers at 18 chemical, petrochemical and nuclear power plants to assess their cleaning needs and requirements. Meetings were arranged with 5 companies. The appointments resulted in several requests for quotes!

U.S. supplier of mineral fillers appoints a local partner

Completion: 2009 - 05
Target markets: CZ&PL
Objective: A U.S. supplier of mineral fillers wants to appoint proactive distribution partners in the Czech Republic and Poland.
Results: EasyLink’s in-market consultants introduced the client to 16 Czech and 19 Polish companies and scheduled 11 face-to-face appointments. The client then provided its top candidate in the Czech Republic with samples for product testing to be done by 3 customers in the rubber sector. Then the client appointed this prospect its distribution partner!

Hungary and Romania: In-depth analysis for a European producer of surfactants

Completion: 2009 - 01
Target markets: RO&HU
Objective: The overall objective of the project was to create an understanding for our client‘s potential for business within specified market segments of surfactants in Hungary and Romania. The client also sought clear recommendations on how to establish itself in each country (via a distributor, subsidiary etc.), taking into account both customer focus and competition.
Results: In order to gather the information requested, EasyLink consulting team carried out thorough research of secondary resources and interviewed a total of 35 and 31 authorities, associations, experts and companies in Hungary and Romania respectively to obtain their expert opinions. Our in-depth reports addressed key end user segments, trade barriers, volumes and sources of supply of surfactants, competitive landscape and specific market opportunities.

Gathering information on Kosovo energy needs

Completion: 2008 - 08
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client utilized EasyLink’s services to gather detailed information on Kosovo from the point of view of the Czech Republic to better understand Kosovo energy needs and its relationships with other governments.
Results: The task required thorough research of the media to retrieve all the relevant articles based on which the final report could be prepared.

Gathering information on upcoming conference for a U.S. producer of brushes for pipelines

Completion: 2008 - 08
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was enlisted by a U.S. producer of brushes for cleaning and maintenance of pipelines to provide information on the upcoming Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Pipelines conference taking place in Prague in October 2008 as well as previous conferences.
Results: The consultant researched secondary sources and interviewed the conference organizers located in the U.K.

Leading Czech supplier of radioactive decontamination/waste storage equipment and services seeks customers

Completion: 2008 - 06
Target markets: SI
Objective: Identify and approach potential customers interested in chemical/radioactive decontamination, nuclear waste storage and processing in Slovenia
Results: EasyLink consultants in Slovenia identified and approached close to 20 potential partners dealing with heavy metals/radioactive contamination and waste storage/processing. The prospective customers were presented detailed information and materials. Five companies including Krsko nuclear power, the only nuclear power plant in the country, expressed interest in meeting the client to further discuss potential cooperation. Easylink prepared a detailed itinerary, which also included travel arrangements.

U.S. producer of lubricating oils and greases explores business opportunities in Russia

Completion: 2008 - 04
Target markets: RU
Objective: Our client focuses on blending and manufacturing specialty lubricating oils and greases for industrial applications. EasyLink’s task was to identify prospective agents/distributors in Russia with excellent contacts with potential end users on a national basis, evaluate their potential and interest, and present a list of qualified prospects with confirmed interest in further negotiations.
Results: The consultant compiled an initial list of 20 pre-selected companies active in distribution of industrial lubricants and greases for client’s review. After approaching the approved companies and evaluating their qualification and interest, the consultant recommended the client a total of five companies for partnership talks.

British producer of structural applications in the oil, gas, and pharmaceutical industries seeks partners in Russia

Completion: 2007 - 03
Target markets: RU
Objective: A designer and manufacturer of high performance products for specialist structural applications, based on its proprietary high-strength, glass-reinforced resin material, requested assistance in identifying potential agents (local manufacturers of pipe support and related products already supplying to major projects in the petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas industries) or agents/distributors (representing a manufacturer of piping, pipe support and related products) in Russia.
Results: The Russian consulting surveyed over 40 companies to short-list and approach 23 companies for a phone interview with their managers regarding their qualification for and interest in partnership. Four companies confirmed interest in negotiations with the client, while 6 more companies expressed preliminary interest.

U.K. manufacturer of additives to paints and plastics seeking an agent/distribution partner

Completion: 2006 - 10
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to identify suitable partners with a coatings background, good knowledge of the industry as well as technical knowledge and experience with delivery to paint manufacturers. Although the client’s preference was for a commission–only agent, a stockholding distribution partner was also to be considered.
Results: EasyLink identified, interviewed and evaluated 16 prospects that provide technical and commercial services and distribute (mainly foreign, but also domestic) products to the target industries. Interviews with their representatives indicated eight companies interested in meeting/partnership opportunity.

In depth market research of the Czech, Slovak and Polish chemical and petrochemical industries

Completion: 2006 - 10
Target markets: CZ&SK&PL
Objective: A company involved in design and engineering of pipes, vessels and tanks for the chemical and petrochemical industries contracted EasyLink to carry out in-depth market and partner survey of the petrochemical and chemical industries and analyze overall economic and political environment in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.
Results: The consulting team prepared an over 30-page report for each of the three countries that contained information on the overall macroeconomic and political situation plus analysis of the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as the leading players. We also analyzed the client's key competitors.

Analysing the Czech valves and uniforms markets

Completion: 2006 - 04
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our task was to compile specific market data and provide thorough market analysis as well as to identify suppliers of valves and uniforms for the petrochemical industry.
Results: In two separate very thorough reports, one for the valves market and the other for uniforms, EasyLink consultant addressed the following points of interest to the client: market overview and size, traditions and trends, key players, foreign trade data, trading conditions/restrictions/duties as well as strengths and weaknesses of the Czech market and opportunities for a foreign supplier of products for the petrochemical industry.

Market study for a foreign supplier of specialty waxes for plastics and paints production

Completion: 2006 - 02
Target markets: CZ&SK
Objective: EasyLink’s assistance was enlisted to carry out structured interviews with potential buyers to help the client better understand the needs and requirements of local companies in the rubber and plastics sector.
Results: The EasyLink team carried out 35 structured interviews with Czech chemical producers to obtain information on their procurement processes, current suppliers and expectations and requirements related to waxes and additives.

Identifying producers of AMBN and PTBC in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Completion: 2006 - 02
Target markets: CZ&SK
Objective: Our task was to identify local manufacturers of 2,2 – Azobis (2-methylbutyronitril) and Para Tertiary Butyl Catechol that could become potential sources of these chemicals for our client’s refinery in Western Europe.
Results: Extensive desk research as well as interviews with market experts from a total of 11 chemical institutes, companies and other entities within the chemical industry showed no producers of AMBN and PTBC exist in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Therefore, we suggested the client to stop the project after conclusion of the first fact-finding phase and we charged the client only an agreed nominal fee.

Leading U.S. producer of industrial lubricating oils targeting Romania

Completion: 2005 - 09
Target markets: RO
Objective: EasyLink was enlisted to carry out a partner search project to identify and recommend qualified and keen agents and/or distributors in Romania with proven experience in sale of lubricants to various industries.
Results: Managers of 32 pre-selected companies were interviewed, and their interest in partnership with the client was assessed. 8 companies meeting the client’s requirements and with confirmed interest in further talks were recommended for direct talks.

U.K. supplier of timber finishing applications targets Russia

Completion: 2005 - 08
Target markets: RU
Objective: EasyLink’s task was to identify qualified and interested agents already supplying machines and finishing line systems to manufacturers of wooden components.
Results: Out of 20 companies pre-selected and contacted, a total of six prospects were recommended for direct talks to discuss in detail the issues brought up during their evaluation by and communication with the consultant.

Investigating market opportunities in Romania

Completion: 2005 - 04
Target markets: RO
Objective: U.K. fine chemicals service provider, primarily to the Health and Personal Care sectors, enlisted EasyLink to examine the Romanian market for additional opportunities and identify a suitable agent/partner.
Results: 26 companies were interviewed during the process to obtain their feedback and opinions on the market situation and trends and also to evaluate their interest in representing the client in Romania.

Surveying retail prices of paints in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2005 -
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink’s task was to carry out survey of retail prices of paints of selected manufacturers for a major U.S. paints maker.
Results: The consultant provided retail prices of over 100 pre-selected paints and varnishes for each of the 7 retailer outlets. The survey was carried out in a Globus hypermarket with a large hobby market section, OBI, BAUHAUS and BAUMAX DIY stores, ESO MARKET – a supermarket in a residential area near Prague with a small hobby section, ROUSEK - a traditional hardware and hobby store and in BARVY LAKY ROHLÍKOVÁ – a specialised paint store.

Is there a suitable partner within Russia’s oil, shipping and power industries?

Completion: 2004 - 11
Target markets: RU
Objective: U.K designer and manufacturer of systems for companies that use seawater in cooling systems and processes decided after developing presence in Scandinavian countries to look for representation in Russia.
Results: 9 entities (out of a total of 22 companies) were recommended for final evaluation, and meetings were scheduled with 6 companies. The client was provided with detailed itinerary including hotel and transportation options.

Market research: Edible and mineral oil producers in Romania

Completion: 2004 - 07
Target markets: RO
Objective: Identify and profile oil manufacturers
Results: EasyLink carried out in-depth research of the oil market to identify and gather detailed information (company activities and structure, financial information, suppliers, ownership data etc.) on edible and mineral oil producers.

Manufacturer of specialised ceramics looking for distribution and/or direct sales in Central Europe - Hungary

Completion: 2004 - 05
Target markets: HU
Objective: The key areas the client wanted to pursue included the petrochemical and power generation sectors, where their products can be used in place of metal parts. Our task was to provide details on the installed base of petrochemical and power generation plants in Hungary. The client requested a multi-step approach, i.e. first only an overview was to be provided and upon submitting initial findings the client would request additional detailed research.
Results: Upon receiving initial results, the client immediately followed up with a request for additional research. In the second stage, we provided the client with all requested data on the installed base of petrochemical and power plants in Hungary (number of plants, their ownership structure and production capacities as well as other extensive information on their activities).

Mapping the paints and varnishes market in the Czech Republic and Romania

Completion: 2004 -
Target markets: CZ&RO
Objective: EasyLink was requested to map the paints and varnishes markets for a big US paint and varnish maker.
Results: For both countries EasyLink supplied the client with a 20-page report thoroughly addressing the respective paints markets’ size and structure, key players (including their detailed profiles as well as financial data such as equity and annual sales plus employment data and production volumes), market trends and key factors.

Manufacturer of specialised ceramics seeks distribution and/or direct sales in CEE– now in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2004 -
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Following a very successful project done on behalf of this client in Hungary, EasyLink services were enlisted to carry out research of installed base of the power, petrochemical and non-ferrous foundry industries in the Czech Republic.
Results: The final 40-page report addressed the Czech power generation and distribution structure (installed capacity: 17,343.94 MW), statistics and key players as well as analysis of the petrochemical and non-ferrous metal foundry sectors. We also provided an overview of maintenance contractors for the power industry.

Multiple projects in multiple countries to assist a Czech producer of paints, starting in Austria

Completion: 2004 -
Target markets: AT
Objective: Leading Czech producer of high quality paints for metals and wood (anti-corrosion, active wood protection and enamel) for individual customers (do-it-yourself) and professional painters (contractors for painting work on residential and commercial buildings and objects) requested EasyLink to identify and contact 15 to 20 leading distributors and wholesalers of paints or related products in Austria (excluding exclusive/direct representatives of our client’s competitors) and arrange personal meetings with qualified and interested companies. EasyLink was later asked to assist with market entry to Hungary and Poland.
Results: The consultant in Austria identified and approached close to 50 companies (the number of entities actually approached significantly exceeded the project specifications) to introduce the client and provide product and technical sheets. 5 meetings were scheduled with companies that expressed interest in detailed discussions.

Partner search for a supplier of lubrication/friction management products for railways

Completion: 2004 -
Target markets: PL
Objective: Identify, evaluate and recommend prospective distribution partners
Results: The consultant contacted the Polish railways as well as companies delivering track construction and maintenance machinery and equipment, track switches or rail maintenance vehicles to determine their interest in partnership with the client.

Who are the key producers of water-based paints?

Completion: 2003 - 07
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Identify and screen Czech & Slovak producers of water-based paints
Results: The consulting team compiled detailed information and company profiles of all water-based paints producers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The client was supplied with key contact details, production/services scope overview, ownership and financial data, production volumes and growth for all the identified companies.

Profiling selected power companies

Completion: 2003 - 07
Target markets: AT
Objective: Developing detailed profiles of 4 selected energy companies in Austria for a key player of the Czech power energy market
Results: The profiles EasyLink prepared included contact details, listing of top managers, ownership details, ownership shares in other entities, market shares, financial data, production volumes, listing of their production equipment, overview of key suppliers and customers, and press releases related to doing business in the Czech Republic.

Setting up a meeting with the key player on the Czech gas distribution market

Completion: 2002 - 04
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to set up a series of meetings with the best prospects – gas distribution companies – for a major U.K. gas industry consultancy with focus on the management of change in the gas industry. The client offers a wide range of assistance related to re-organisation of the industry to customers at the government level as well as to gas distribution companies or state gas organisations.
Results: A meeting was scheduled with the key (sole) player in the Czech gas market, as this company was identified to be the only relevant player for our U.K. client. EasyLink’s managing director accompanied the client to the meeting. After evaluating the client’s strategy, we recommended the client to cooperate with one of the leading multinational consulting companies already present in the Czech Republic, to gain bigger power in the local market and increase chances of getting new business. We have channelled the communication, leading up to an informal agreement on joint venture on the next consulting project within the gas industry where our client's expertise was nicely complementing that of the large consultancy.

Irish producer of solvents for laboratory chemicals targeting distributors in Slovakia

Completion: 2002 - 02
Target markets: SK
Objective: Identify and evaluate potential distributors and set up a series of meetings with qualified prospects
Results: EasyLink identified 16 pre-qualified Slovak distributors of laboratory chemicals and carried out telephone interviews with senior management in each of these companies as well as provided them with specifics pertaining to the proposed business opportunities and requirements. A total of 8 meetings were scheduled with qualified prospects that confirmed interest in discussing opportunities for strategic partnership. The supplementary research clearly indicated that Bratislava, the capital, constitutes the core of this market’s activities, both in terms of production facilities and distribution networks.

Providing support in a power distribution company bid

Completion: 2002 - 01
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was asked to support a U.K. independent organisation of internationally acknowledged engineers and training consultants offering specialist engineering services and training to the electricity supply industry in a procurement tender run by a major regional power distributor in the Czech Republic.
Results: We delivered answers addressing issues such as who the key decision maker is and how he/she regards the project, whether level playing field exists and whether it would adversely affect the client if they did not enter the bid with a Czech partner, where the training provider fit in the Czech Republic and whether others exist, whether certain documents are acceptable in lieu of others etc. The consultant made multiple phone calls to various leading players; some calls had to be made anonymously so as not to prejudice the client’s bid. We later introduced the client to another major power distributor in the Czech Republic, and EasyLink’s managing director accompanied the client to meetings with 4 managers and technicians. Last but not least, EasyLink assisted the client in communication with a major Slovak regional power distributor.

In-depth market study of six selected chemicals in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2001 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was asked to deliver detailed information on the Czech hydrogenacarbonate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, peroxohydrogen sodium, tartrate potassium and citrate sodium markets.
Results: Our thorough almost 50-page report addressed all the key items of interest to the client such as chemicals’ specification and local use, detailed information on domestic producers, importers and distributors as well as quality and price levels, key local buyers and statistical data.

Detailed study of the Czech polyethylene market

Completion: 2000 - 05
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Compiling an in-depth study of the polyethylene market
Results: EasyLink delivered statistical information such as import and export volumes and values as well as analyzed the market in terms of key competitors (local and foreign suppliers), potential customers and partners and import requirements.

Preparing a meeting itinerary

Completion: 1999 - 11
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Scheduling meetings with selected entities
Results: EasyLink scheduled 3 appointments for the client’s 2-day visit to Prague to meet with the ministry and key gas industry players.

Assistance with devising market entry strategies

Completion: 1998 - 07
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned by a Dutch chemical producer of pharmaceuticals, fibres, coatings and other chemical products to assist with preparation of market entry strategies and arrangement of targeted appointments.
Results: In June/July 1998, EasyLink scheduled meetings with paint manufacturers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The two representatives were accompanied by EasyLink’s managing director to all meetings to provide in-market assistance as well as interpretation when necessary. Their goals for this market research trip involved determination of the overall situation in the sector, identification of key players as well as they wanted to become familiar with production programs and capabilities of local players.

In-market assistance

Completion: 1998 - 02
Target markets: CZ
Objective: German representation office of a Dutch manufacturer of chemicals asked EasyLink to provide in-market support.
Results: EasyLink presented a Czech company interested in representing a special range of chemicals in the Czech Republic. Interestingly, this project was not initiated by the client, bur rather by a local company looking for distributorship rights. The chemicals manufacturer was quite positive and open about future talks. The prospective representative was asked to supply specific information and EasyLink participated by providing assistance with communication.