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Analysis of the Romanian consumer rights and legal services market

Completion: 2023 - 02
Target markets: RO
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the consumer rights market in Romania which will include a market overview, consumer habits, competitive landscape, use of legal services and review of key players as well as up to 6 in-depth interviews with important market players.
Results: EasyLink consultant in Romania researched all available resources and consulted with the industry experts to gather all the relevant information. A 97-slide presentation was compiled that covered all the key facts: historical background, legal framework, institutions and organizations supporting consumers, ADR solutions, digital services, key paths for claims, PEST analysis, legal services regarding the consumer rights, case studies, consumer habits, eCommerce role, challenges for consumers and much more. Interviews with 9 insiders have been conducted.

Science & Technology (R&D) in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2022 - 07
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The Canadian Embassy commissioned EasyLink to update the 2020 Science and Technology market profile of the Czech Republic.
Results: While following the client´s set report structure (requiring update of specific statistics and its analysis), the 2022 edition newly mapped R&D projects that responded to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as selected recent notable R&D activities across many different areas (crystallography, antiviral analogs, new treatment for prostate cancer, novel methods for early disease detection, new system for elimination of dangerous phenomena in the high-voltage distribution network, non-destructive inspection tools, new polyester fiber, milestone breakthrough in subatomic research, treatment of tick-borne encephalitis, obtaining a reference genome sequence of bread wheat, and entirely Czech space program).

Study of sourcing opportunities in 3 CEE markets

Completion: 2022 - 07
Target markets: CZ,PL,RO
Objective: In an effort to support US companies in strengthening or diversifying their supply chain and increasing their competitiveness, our US client commissioned a study to identify specific opportunities for sourcing from contractors or product manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe.
Results: EasyLink recommended to focus the study initially on Poland, Czech Republic and Romania, and presented a selection of several sectors for each of them, where local producers are most competitive and at the same capable of taking additional orders. For each sector, we highlighted a sample of key suppliers/contractors and also shared insights gathered from each industry's prominent figure or market expert.

Czech e-commerce association APEK receives a full update of our market profile for Hungary

Completion: 2022 - 07
Target markets: HU
Objective: "This is exactly what we wanted" commented our client after receiving our 70-page report on Hungary in 2019, and later ordered similar studies for multiple other European markets, namely Poland, Romania, Germany, Austria… These studies have become invaluable tools for Czech e-commerce players in assessing and exploting opportunities for their crossborder business development. For 2022, APEK also ordered a full update of the 2019 report on Hungary.
Results: The e-commerce market Hungary has been developing rapidly - in 2021, the number of e-shops grew by whopping 51% in comparison to 2020 and whole sections of the report were thus reworked with emphasis on on recent trends and development. The final report was over 80 pages long.

After exploring CEE countries, the Czech e-commerce association commissions a study of Germany and Austria

Completion: 2022 - 04
Target markets: DE,AT
Objective: Yet again, the Czech e-commerce association (APEK) tasked EasyLink with delivering comprehensive market intelligence reports and all-in-one source that would aid Czech e-shops in their efforts to expand across Europe. This time, Germany and Austria were the topic interest.
Results: EasyLink delivered 2 separate reports with information on the respective countries’ e-commerce sector, its particularities, notable competition, available logistics solutions, relevant wages, and other information that could be useful for Czech e-shops if considering expansion into these markets. EasyLink was also to showcase how closely linked the two markets are: Due to non-existent language barrier and cost advantages, most of Austria’s top e-shops are in fact German and foreign outflow reached 55% in 2021 – more than half of all buyers shop abroad. For that reason, German and Austrian markets are frequently developed simultaneously by e-commerce players.

US medical franchisors requests market insight into Poland

Completion: 2022 - 03
Target markets: PL
Objective: The client, a nonsurgical medical franchise that provides customized regenerative medicine treatments, requested a market assessment report to answer a set of questions ranging from overall openness of the Polish market to foreign franchises to more specific issues related to issues related to non-surgical regenerative medicine, relevant players in the healthcare sector etc.
Results: EasyLink delivered a focused 5-page report which answered each and every one of the client's 11 questions in a concise yet specific manner.

Opening the door at Romanian Naval Forces - arranging a virtual meeting

Completion: 2021 - 11
Target markets: PL,RO
Objective: U.S. manufacturer of unique self-lubricated/water-lubricated wood bearings for hydro plants, wave turbines, ship stern tubes, water and wastewater treatment facilities, and a variety of industrial applications wished to assess potential of the Romanian and Polish markets.
Results: EasyLink identified and approached operators of hydropower plants and large naval/maritime ships (civil/commercial as well as military), repair and maintenance companies, and producers of turbines – a total of 28 companies in Romania and 25 in Poland. Although direct contact with these potential customers and partners pointed out to a limited potential, the outreach opened the door with a major potential client: Romanian Naval Forces. In their post-meeting assessment, the client praised EasyLink for “doing an excellent job understanding the business and looking for potential markets.”

Easylink participates in a global study with focus on stage technology

Completion: 2021 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our Prague office was entrusted to recruit and interview 3 specific companies in the Czech Republic to gain a perspective for the European stage technology market.
Results: EasyLink was able to get all 3 requested companies to participate in the study and conducted 40-60 minutes long interviews with each of them. The gathered information was deemed to be highly valuable for the study.

US franchise system operator requests market insight into Poland and Czech Republic

Completion: 2021 - 09
Target markets: PL,CZ
Objective: The client operates a franchise system consisting of franchisees who guide and assist clients in developing (other) franchise entrepreneurship opportunities. The objective of our research was to help the client understand the landscape, size and potential of the Polish and Czech franchise market.
Results: EasyLink provided information on the number of franchisors in each market, their breakdown by market sector, growth trends in the sector, and specifically also the competitive landscape for the client's services, i.e. existence of other providers (domestic and international), their mode of operation and what it may take for a US operator to enter the market.

In 3rd year of cooperation, Czech e-commerce association commissions a study of Poland and Romania

Completion: 2021 - 04
Target markets: PL,RO
Objective: To support e-commerce companies in expanding their activities to other European markets, the Czech e-commerce association hired EasyLink to deliver market intelligence on two additional markets, namely Poland and Romania.This followed a successful report on Hungary in 2019, and an extensive strategic analysis of the home market in 2020.
Results: EasyLink delivered 2 reports, both well over 50 pages long providing comprehensive information on the countries’ e-commerce sector, notable competition, available logistics solutions, relevant wages, and various other information that could be useful for Czech e-shops potentially interested in expanding into these particular markets. EasyLink also presented both studies at online events organized by the Association and which were dedicated to exploring opportunities in Poland and Romania.

E-commerce market study for the sector-specific association in the Czech republic

Completion: 2020 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was tasked to conduct a profound market study of e-commerce business in the Czech Republic, to assess its growth and future potential.
Results: EasyLink went through a range of sources to compile a comprehensive report on the current position of e-commerce on the Czech market. Our analysis was based on developing an in-house database comprising more than 700 e-shops, interviews with professional members of the related association or customer survey with 520 respondents from the entire country. Our sources of information included the Czech Statistical Office, Business register, proffesional journals, conference proceedings, etc. The 62-page report has taken into consideration all aspects of e-commerce incl. the growth potential, employment rate, market share, its impact on the development of business environment and much more.

Science & Technology Market Research

Completion: 2020 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The Canadian Embassy commissioned EasyLink to draw up a report on the Science and Technology market profile of the Czech Republic.
Results: EasyLink produced a comprehensive 55-page study on the R&D sector in the Czech Republic. The study included not only a general overview and performance of the country but also detailed insight into each area and sector concerning R&D. Key players, institutions and platforms were mentioned as well as market drivers and challenges or opportunities. The in-depth study was based on a wide range of sources including sector documents, websites of relevant associations, European and Czech statistical offices, professional journals or interviews with experts from specific fields. It showed that the Czech Republic ranked among the most innovative countries in the world and increased its expenditure on R&D by 55% over the last decade.

Market analysis: R&D, science and technology in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2020 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was requested to analyze opportunities for Australian research organizations in the Czech Republic. The focus of the report was on private funding of R&D activities.
Results: In the Czech Republic, research and development takes place in a very wide array of areas; Czech scientists particularly excel in informatics, cybernetics, medicine and biotechnology, materials and nanotechnology, nuclear energy, and physics-based sciences (e.g. optics, laser technology and optoelectronics). Geographic distance between Australia and the Czech Republic is a factor negatively influencing business between the two countries. For the Czech Republic, Australia was the 39th export destination and 57th source for imports in 2019. Rather scattered attempts have been made in an effort to develop and grow Czech-Australian collaboration in research and development, which is currently pursued in areas such as mobility of students, teachers, and scientists, joint publications and a few other EU-Australia projects such as Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions involving grants for researchers. Collaboration opportunities for R&D organizations from Australia in the Czech Republic and other EU countries could open up if Australia obtains the status of an associated country for the upcoming Horizon Europe program, which is an ambitious EUR 100 billion research and innovation program for the period between 2021 and 2027. This would enable Australian researchers compete for grants on equal terms with EU researchers. The past decade saw a rise in interest among very wealthy businesspeople to support scientific research (frequently in biotechnologies), often via foundations or venture capital. Access to venture capital is considered rather weak when compared to other CEE countries. So far, local venture capital activities have focused on the ICT sector rather than more R&D intensive sectors such as biotech and healthcare. In addition to research of secondary resources, EasyLink approached leading companies involved in private funding of research activities via phone/email to enquire about private funding opportunities for Australian research organizations.

Developing a database of Czech businesses with history or potential of investing in Canada

Completion: 2020 - 02
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client wished to receive a database of Czech companies that have invested or are known to plan/consider investing into setting up own branches and/or production facilities in Canada or the United States or export products to Canada and USA in market segments and product categories with potential for establishing a production facility or subsidiary/branch office in these two countries.
Results: Resources utilized during the research included media and Internet outlets, websites and press releases of government organizations and embassies, major business organizations, associations, clusters, incubators, business databases, and company websites. The database developed by EasyLink contains 122 company entries across a wide range of sectors (focus is on Czech-owned entities), each including the following information: company name, website, industry sector (companies can be filtered by sector), contact information (address, general email, and telephone), turnover (in CAD) and number of employees, short overview of company activities, information on investment and export activities in Canada and USA, category – enables filtering entries based on whether the company is an exporter or investor, and target country – where the company is or intends to be present or active – enables filtering entries between Canada, USA, both, or other (unable to determine). Canada ranks the 46th largest export partner for the Czech Republic (10th if European countries are excluded) and 43rd largest partner for Czech imports. The United States is the 11th largest export partner for the Czech Republic. Over 1,000 Czech companies export to Canada. 38% of these exporters are small and medium size companies. Investment activities of Czech businesses in Canada have remained limited. Perhaps one of the largest production-related investments involves Precision Record Pressing, a joint venture between the Czech company GZ Media, a. s. and their Canadian partner Isotope Music. Their plant for production of vinyl records is based in Burlington (Ontario). Multiple Czech businesses have established subsidiaries in Canada to manage their sales, while others support the Canadian market via subsidiaries/offices in the USA. The leading Czech investors are Česká zbrojovka (acquired Colt Holding Company in February 2021, building a production plant in Arkansas) and R2G/First Quality Nonwovens.

Italian specialist agency for licensed costume cartoon character events targets Poland

Completion: 2020 - 01
Target markets: PL
Objective: The client requested an in-depth market overview followed with identification of potential customers/partners in Poland as part of their internationalization (export) strategy.
Results: First we prepared a 24-page in-depth review of the event organizing sector in Poland with sector statistics and trends, strengths and weaknesses, regulations , as well as identification of key competitors , potential partners, and end-customers in the retail sector. Subsequently, 19 companies were selected in cooperation with the client from a long list of 52 prospect, and directly approached by our Polish team to present the client, assess their qualification and obtain their interest. The value of this project was in developing a good market understanding and generating potential business opportunity with 5 qualified companies who eventually confirmed their interest in direct contact with the client to discuss potential cooperation.

Profiling potential partner cities in Germany and Poland

Completion: 2019 - 12
Target markets: DE,PL
Objective: On behalf of a municipality in the UK we were requested to map out the ‘economies’ of Dorsten in Germany and Rybnik in Poland. The request was to collate published information on key industries and sectors in the city / region and see whether a match exists between these areas and the focus of the client municipality.
Results: EasyLink's in-market consultants prepared an 8-page summary report on Dorsten and a 12-page report on Rybik, identifying their key characteristics and strengths, with a focus on key sectors, blue-chip companies, trade events and organizations.

Czech association has EasyLink prepare a study on e-commerce development opportunities in Hungary

Completion: 2019 - 09
Target markets: HU
Objective: In a strategic effort to support Czech e-commerce companies in further expanding their activities into nearby markets, the sector association hired EasyLink to develop a "guide for Czech e-commerce companies to go international", starting with a detailed focus on Hungary.
Results: "This is exactly what we wanted" commented our client after receiving our 70-page report which provided a practical tool for the association's membership to understand, enter and grow in the Hungarian e-commerce market.

Study: newspaper market in Poland

Completion: 2019 - 05
Target markets: PL
Objective: Our task was a study on the press market in Poland with particular focus on description of the newspaper landscape, development of circulation in the last 10 years, economic development (revenues), largest publishers etc. We were also asked to tackle development of TV advertising and adverising portals on the Internet.
Results: 10 national and 25 regional dailies are currently being published on the Polish press market. Their total circulation amounted to 34.6 million in January 2019, which in comparison to January 2018 represents a decrease of 4%. In case of magazines, their number currently exceeds 150 titles, and the total circulation amounted to 41.5 million in January 2019 (10% decrease year on year). Despite the growing diversity of the market, resulting in doubling of the number of issued titles, the size of the press market has decreased. The global press circulation in Poland estimated in 2017 at almost 1.6 billion copies was lower than the global circulation of newspapers and magazines in 1990, when it amounted to approximately 2.1 billion copies. As a result, the average global circulation of the statistical press title decreased by 60%. This means a reduction in the readership of the press and the ongoing atomization of readers. The biggest drop in global circulation affected the daily press. The share of newspapers in the global circulation of the press in 1990 was almost 70%, and in 2017 - only 30%. Our study also included data on advertising revenues of daily press, magazines and e-press as well as sales figures of the largest publishers. We also listed the largest dailies by circulation and included the key trends and forecasts in the sector.

Market study on hotels in the Czech Republic with focus on 5 star

Completion: 2018 - 07
Target markets: CZ
Objective: A client from India commissioned EasyLink to provide a market study report on luxury hotels in the Czech Republic.
Results: EasyLink produced a comprehensive 88-page report on the luxury hotel business market in the Czech Republic. The study consisted of 13 thematic chapters focused on hotel market performance, tourism indicators, workforce, legislation, financing, outsourcing, marketing, hotel management systems, etc. The study showed the trends, growth rate, performance of Czech hotels, tourism in data and other interesting characteristcs of the local market.

asyLink continues to open doors for U.S. producer of thermoelectric-based cooling/heating devices

Completion: 2018 - 02
Target markets: CZ,LT
Objective: EasyLink has been asked to repeatedly help open doors for this client by approaching selected potential end customers within Central and Eastern Europe.
Results: In the fall of 2017, EasyLink team introduced the client to the leading worldwide producer of femtosecond optical devices based in Lithuania as well as to a major European laser research facility in the Czech Republic. Our efforts resulted in direct communication about specific business opportunities between the client and the laser group manager of the Lithuanian company.

Distributor search for a Korean supplier of OHS equipment in PL and CZ

Completion: 2017 - 11
Target markets: CZ&PL
Objective: EasyLink was tasked to conduct partner search for a Korean supplier of smart earplug (work protection equipment).
Results: EasyLink's teams in both countries compiled lists of 107 companies and interviewed every one of them to introduce the product and discuss its potential in each market. The product proved to be innovative and with the necessary EU certification required it might have a good potential in the occupational health and safety sectors in both countries.

Reconnecting with a former customer in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2017 - 10
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Following company restructuring our client, a U.S. manufacturer of a wide range of supplies and materials for libraries, lost contact with their customer in the Czech Republic.
Results: EasyLink was instrumental in re-establishing direct communication between the client and their distributor in the Czech Republic. The phone call made by EasyLink provided explanations why the Czech customer stopped ordering, but more importantly identified opportunities for future collaboration. Following this door opening step the client immediately approached the customer to start a new phase of collaboration in the library supplies segment. As a result, selected products were soon added to the catalog prepared by the Czech partner, which is indeed a major distributor of products for libraries and restoration of books not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.

Background checks in Lithuania and Belarus

Completion: 2017 - 10
Target markets: BY, LT
Objective: U.S. provider of custom vacuum and thermal process equipment for various industries requested EasyLink to carry a confidential background check of two customers located in two CEE countries.
Results: EasyLink consultants in Lithuania and Belarus researched various secondary resources such as state company registers, State Social Insurance Service in Lithuania, major newspapers and news portals, various company registers, and other Internet resources to provide information on activities of the companies, as the client wished to ensure that they were legitimate and in good standing.

Leading art design and publishing company looks at Poland and Czech Republic

Completion: 2017 - 05
Target markets: CZ&PL
Objective: In order to assess and determine the best routes to market, the client requested our consultancy to identify 3-10 key players in each of 11 target groups / market segments in each of the two market, with a view of then having us approach a short list of prospective partners and customers, and eventually proceeding towards a market visit. Subsequently, based on our findings, the client decided to make a market visit, and EasyLink was requested to prepare a meeting itinerary.
Results: In the next stage of the project the client prioritized a number of companies from each segment for contacting. We approached 34 companies in CZ (with 8 arranged meetings) and 35 in Poland (with 6 arranged meetings). After the client's market visits we followed up with all companies met in both countries to gather their feedback to meetings and potential for future business. This information helped the client to target their subsequent strategies and steps in both markets.

Water meter markets in Romania and Bulgaria: Market Insight

Completion: 2017 - 03
Target markets: BG&RO
Objective: A German client requested EasyLink to research the water meter markets in Romania and Bulgaria to gather the following: number of installed water meters (residential and commercial & industrial meters), 10 biggest clients for water meters (municipal utilities or waterworks of the big cities or also regional water suppliers), 5 most important competitors per country.
Results: The deliverable was one spreadsheet with a list of top 7-8 clients for water meters and a 3-page document detailing the water meter market per country. The information included volume of meters sold/used/installed, regulatory affairs etc.

Screening the competitive landscape in Poland

Completion: 2016 - 11
Target markets: PL
Objective: The client’s core business is direct sales of private label and branded products for the MRO sector (maintenance, repair and operation) – so called C-parts. Main industry divisions are currently automotive and construction. The client requested our consultancy to research information about their known competitors and to complement the database with other competitors active in the market but not yet known to them.
Results: Within only 4 working days, as this was an urgent request, we delivered a database with details of the 8 known competitors and added 21 other companies (with profiles) which present competition in Poland.

Market summaries for Slovakia and Hungary

Completion: 2016 - 03
Target markets: SK&HU
Objective: Our main client, a government export promotion agency, wishes to have Slovakia and Hungary summarized as to main sector opportunities, sectoral overview, key trends and upcoming exhibitions and events, opportunities for local companies, local business environment, key trade show and events and travel practicalities.
Results: Slovakia is the third richest country in the CEE region by GDP per capita (PPS). Slovakia is the world leader in car production per capita and belongs to twenty biggest car producers in the world. The country produces more cars than Italy and Poland combined. The Slovak chemical industry has traditionally been one of the largest sectors of the national economy. In 2014, revenues generated by all companies in this sector amounted to EUR 12.02 billion, representing 14.5% of the Slovak industry. Hungary has an ideal geographical position for manufacturing, services and logistics, has highly skilled & educated workforce, excellent road & energy infrastructure, numerous tax incentives available. There are low labour cost vs. Western Europe and Hungary has strong and competitive manufacturing industry across various sectors.

U.S. manufacturer of laboratory instruments meets prospective partners in Poland and Hungary

Completion: 2015 - 03
Target markets: PL&HU
Objective: Our client, best known in the field of analytical pyrolysis, has been supplying instrumentation for a wide range of analyses such as catalyst screening, reaction optimization, organic headspace analysis, and environmental testing. In January 2015, EasyLink team was requested to identify prospective distribution partners in Hungary and Poland.
Results: In the first stage of the project, EasyLink team delivered an initial list with short profiles of 25 Polish and 16 Hungarian prospects. After their detailed screening the client selected 9 and 6 companies in Poland and Hungary respectively to be approached by EasyLink. The communication with and assessment of the top prospects carried by EasyLink resulted in 8 meetings arranged for the March 2015 visit. EasyLink also arranged one more meeting, which was held during the Pittcon conference in New Orleans, USA prior to the client’s visit. Unfortunately, due to mechanical problems of the aircraft our client travel plans suddenly changed, and the client arrived in Poland 24 hours later than planned. Thus, EasyLink team had to immediately react to the new situation and contact the companies to reshuffle the schedule. After many combinations EasyLink created and confirmed a new plan with everyone involved. Instead of two-days initially planned for the visit in Poland the visit shrank into mere several hours in Poland. Despite all that the client held three very successful meetings. In Hungary, the visit – with 4 scheduled meetings - went as planned. By June 2015, the client appointed one distributor in each country and had already made a few quotations.

Providing information for a U.S. company wishing to open a sales office in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2014 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client provides a complete cryogenic solution for low temperature material characterization. The company considered opening a sales and service office in the Czech Republic and needed EasyLink to provide information on a number of factors (influencing their decision that the Czech Republic is indeed the most suitable location.
Results: EasyLink provided an overview of incentives, customs duties, VAT rates, types of companies allowed to be established in the Czech Republic, office market (prime rents and vacancy rates), housing (average purchase prices, average rents), information about work permits and labour regulations. This information will guide the client through the relocation process.

Market overview for a US manufacturer of musical handbells and electronic carillons: Poland

Completion: 2014 - 06
Target markets: PL
Objective: The client is the world's largest producer of musical handbells and electronic carillons. The company requests EasyLink to provide an insight into the market in Poland to determine whether the company should proceed with a distributor search project.
Results: The local consultant in Poland looked for similar instruments in Poland using websites of the largest/most popular distributors as well as business directories and product catalogues. The consultant did not find similar products in the offer of any distributor or music products directories. The consultant further called the Association of Choirs and Orchestras in Poland where they also confirmed that among their members there are no bands/choirs/orchestras using such instruments as handbells or chimes. EasyLink in Poland called three major Polish distributors of various music instruments – none of them expressed interest in such types of instruments. Based on the findings the consultant concluded that there was no culture of handbell choirs in Poland and the market potential was rather limited. Therefore, EasyLink did not recommend proceeding with a partner search project to identify a local distributor.

Background check of a Lithuanian customer

Completion: 2013 - 11
Target markets: LT
Objective: The US client offers customized sliced veneer products (including cut to size and spliced components) and flitch stock in a range of thicknesses for the stile and rail door, flooring, furniture, fixture and kitchen cabinet industries. The company has received a RFQ from a new Lithuanian customer and wishes EasyLink to carry a background check on this Lithuanian company.
Results: EasyLink compiled a detailed profile of the company including contact details, management, business activities, export, year of establishment, number of employees, turnover figures. EasyLink also investigated about the person of the CIO in local media and on the state of debts (e.g. late social security payments) of the company.

U.S. company revisiting the CEE region

Completion: 2013 - 09
Target markets: CZ,PL,RU
Objective: The client is the world's weather authority providing local forecasts for everywhere in the United States and over two million locations worldwide. EasyLink was requested to identify or reconnect with prospective business partners amongst mobile operators and leading Internet portals in Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic and schedule meetings with companies with confirmed interest in direct talks.
Results: Russia: We identified and approached 20 prospective business partners amongst mobile operators and leading Internet portals in Russia, and scheduled 2 meetings with companies with confirmed interest in direct talks. In addition we were asked to schedule meetings with managers of four companies that the client has been in contact with. Poland: We reconnected with 9 prospective partners amongst mobile operators and leading Internet portals identified and approached back in the fall of 2010 to assess their interest and readiness in the proposed partnership opportunity and meeting, plus we identified 1 new target. 4 meetings were arranged. Czech Republic: We reconnected with 7 prospective partners amongst mobile operators and leading Internet portals identified and approached back in the fall of 2010 to assess their interest and readiness in the proposed partnership opportunity and meeting. Plus we approached 3 new targets amongst MVNOs.

Mobile ice rinks catch the eye of Czech and Slovak partners

Completion: 2012 - 07
Target markets: CZ&SK
Objective: Our client, an Italian company focusing on producing, renting and selling of mobile artificial ice rinks for sports and events, was interested in meeting companies involved in construction/rental of sport grounds, leisure facilities and ice rinks.
Results: EasyLink identified, screened and contacted 39 prospects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The client's products were with overwhelming success - 13 companies in the Czech Rep. and 8 in Slovakia expressed interest in meeting the client!

Recruiting qualified visitors for another edition of SIA Guest

Completion: 2011 - 10
Target markets: CZ&SK
Objective: The International Hospitality Exhibition held annually in Rimini, Italy caters to the hotel and hospitality sector.
Results: The 2011 edition was attended by four Czech companies. During the course of the project EasyLink consultant in Prague identified prospective business partners for the fair’s exhibitors, introduced the fair and conditions of sponsored participation, arranged face-to-face meetings with the exhibitors and assisted with logistics and accommodation arrangements.

Arranging speakers for a business dinner

Completion: 2011 - 09
Target markets: SK
Objective: Irish business people wished to learn more about procedures pertaining to selection of foreign suppliers in Slovakia.
Results: Two speakers presented their procurement process practices and provided detailed insight in selection of foreign suppliers used by their companies.

Dutch manufacturer of clamps meets prospective partners

Completion: 2011 - 06
Target markets: CZ&SK
Objective: The company delivers clamps for hoses in a wide range of industries, e.g. for coffee machines, printers, agricultural machinery as well as automobiles. The client has been very successful in delivering clamps to many Western European countries as well as Hungary and Romania, and now wishes to expand to Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic where the company does not have any commercial experience. EasyLink is commissioned to identify two types of prospective business partners: technical wholesale companies and OEMs.
Results: The consultants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia identified and approached over 60 prospects to evaluate their qualification and interest in sourcing clamps from the client. During his four-day business trip in June 2011 the client met 13 Czech and Slovak companies. EasyLink also arranged a local interpreter to assist during two meetings held in Central Moravia. The visit gave the client great market insight. Upon his return home the client prepared quotations requested during the meetings and made follow up calls in 2 weeks.

U.S.-based R&D company in the area of surface treatment of fluoropolymers visits Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia

Completion: 2011 - 05
Target markets: CZ&PL&SK
Objective: The client wished to find business contacts and prospective partners in Central Europe (PL, SK, CZ) and disseminate information about the company's products and services, which are highly specialized.
Results: The consultants in each country identified a number of companies in the specified areas of interest. The client reviewed the list and for each country marked 20-30 companies that the consultant subsequently contacted, introducing the client's business and the partnership offer. In the end, several meetings were arranged in each country (Czech Republic - 3, Poland - 2, Slovakia - 3).

Distributor search for a U.S. manufacturer of milling equipment

Completion: 2011 - 04
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Easylink was asked for assistance in seeking a distribution partner for a large U.S. processing and equipment company trading with jet mills and flash dryers. In response to the task, the consultant screened all businesses with experience and contacts in the given area of expertise and selected 16 prospective representatives that met the client's requirements.
Results: Upon reviewing the initial list of 16 prospects, the client shortlisted five. The consultant contacted them via the phone, introduced the client's company and sent additional information via e-mail. The client is currently in the process of arranging a distributorship agreement with one of these companies, a key player in the Czech Republic in the area of machinery for the food, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

Numerous store checks in 4 capital cities

Completion: 2011 - 03
Target markets: CZ&SK&HU&AT
Objective: EasyLink was asked to conduct checks in major retail stores and for 56 product categories mark what part is in "shelf-ready" packaging - i.e. in paper cartons where the store staff only needs to tear down a cover foil and put them on the shelf, as opposed to having to take one piece after another and nicely display them. The findings were to be recorded in a simple Excel table. The stores were selected together with the client.
Results: The project was carried in two phases. In the first phase the focus was on major hypermarkets and supermarkets. EasyLink consultants visited 6 selected stores in Prague (the choice was made based on the chain’s market share), 7 in Bratislava, 7 in Vienna and 6 in Budapest. In the Czech Republic, for instance, the research was carried in Tesco, Kaufland, Interspar, Globus, Billa, and Albert Hypermarket. In each store the consultant checked on 56 product categories and calculated the number of items in each category and then estimated the share of items displayed in a die-cut packaging. The products inspected were e.g. drinks (soda, juices, milk, wine), hygiene (baby wipes, deodorants, toothpaste), household products such as detergents and ambient food (coffee, tea, cereal), cold and frozen food, fresh fruits and vegetables, and pet food. We also took pictures in the stores as well as their surrounding, and pictures of special packaging. The same procedure was followed in the other capital cities. In the second phase the focus was on small/independent stores selling food; in 3 countries we visited 3 stores each and in Austria 5.

Promoting Austrade’s investment support program in Slovakia

Completion: 2011 - 02
Target markets: SK
Objective: Australian Trade Commission, the Australian Government’s trade and investment development agency, wishes to promote its program aimed at supporting investment of Slovak companies into relocation of part of their production into Australia.
Results: EasyLink recruited qualified prospects and organized seminars throughout Slovakia. We approached all major institutions and associations. Altogether EasyLink managed to organise two large seminars plus 10 meetings. We had to adjust the previously set program in order to accommodate needs of several Slovak companies considering relocation.

U.S. supplier of heavy-duty solar swimming pool covers evaluates partners in Romania

Completion: 2010 - 07
Target markets: RO
Objective: The client requested EasyLink to prepare an initial list of prospective distribution partners for further screening.
Results: The consultant in Romania presented profiles of 22 pre-selected companies, all being well-established in regional and/or national distribution of leisure pools and accessories such as pool liners, pool toys and solar cover reels.

U.S. dealer of RVs and boats evaluating the Polish market

Completion: 2010 - 05
Target markets: PL
Objective: Our client wished to identify prospective partners and evaluate opportunities for imports of RVs and boats to Poland.
Results: The consultant compiled information on a number of items of technical nature and scheduled meetings with 5 prospective distribution partners plus a manager of a large camping site.

Market research: Manual chain hoists and lever pullers

Completion: 2010 - 05
Target markets: PL&CZ&HU
Objective: EasyLink was asked to carry an in-depth study of the manual chain hoists and lever pullers markets in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.
Results: Our reports provided insight into the market size for manual chain hoists and lever pullers, split into professional and consumer markets, price and quality level of products as well as mapped the types of players within the value chain and local manufacturers of manual chain hoists and lever pullers (i.e. confirmed whether there is local manufacturing in each country or the companies order products from China and other low cost countries).

Analysing Czech-EU funds available for renovation of a castle in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2010 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client plans to renovate a castle he has recently acquired in the Czech Republic. He wants to know what grants are possible, what needs to be executed in order to acquire the funds, how much time is needed and what the possible granting sums are. The client is looking to make a ‘’Go – No Go’’ decision for a specific granting process based on the information.
Results: We analysed possible grants from the various Czech EU funding master plans such as benchmarking national programs (‘Operational Program – OP’) as well as regional funding (‘’Regional Program – ROP”) and other (rural) programs. We contacted proper authorities – responsible for the specific granting process – to inquire about their opinion on the feasibility of subsidising the project.

Interviewing national post operators in 5 CEE countries

Completion: 2009 - 08
Target markets: CZ&SK&HU&BG&RO
Objective: Our client is looking to explore markets where the postal system is in need of automation, as they have a proven integrated solution for postal services that provides for complete automation. The client was asked to supply EasyLink with an initial set of questions that can be covered in a telephone interview with an appropriate senior technical person and that will then enable to determine the basic level of potential in each country.
Results: EasyLink’s consultants in 5 selected markets of Central & Eastern Europe - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria - carried out custom-tailored research by contacting the dominant/national post operator in each individual market to determine whether its specific operations have been automated, or if automation is in the process, expected in near future, or not and why and also what the differences are on the national/central and region and local levels. We supplied 5 reports, each summarizing the work done – persons contacted and the information gathered in each country.

Compiling a list of prospective customers and distribution partners in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2008 - 11
Target markets: CZ
Objective: We were requested to identify producers of wine and wine barrels as well as prospective distribution partners in the Czech Republic.
Results: We recommended the client to directly approach the pre-selected producers of wine barrels and wine as well as distributors and producers of complementary equipment and materials for the wine industry.

Czech manufacturer of gasification stoves looking for distributors in Slovenia

Completion: 2008 - 06
Target markets: SI
Objective: We were asked to identify and approach prospective partners keen to carry wood gasification stoves manufactured by the client.
Results: EasyLink’s consultant in Slovenia introduced the Czech company to 20 potential partners – distributors of stoves and related equipment. 4 meetings were arranged for our client’s in-market visit.

Italian producer of stage systems targeting the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Completion: 2008 - 04
Target markets: CZ&SK
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to conduct a partner search and prepare a meeting itinerary for the company’s in-market visit in April 2008.
Results: Based on our understanding of the company’s activities as well as its objectives and goals for the Czech and Slovak markets, which were discussed in our personal meeting with the client in Bolzano in January 2008, we identified prospective partners amongst companies involved in assembling of stages, tribunes, renting and construction of mobile stages, promotion and production companies and cities hosting major cultural and sports events and exhibitions. We discussed business potential of a possible partnership as well as their interest in meeting directly with the client with 37 Czech and 30 Slovak entities. We accompanied the client to all 11 meetings held in the two countries in order to provide in-market support.

U.K. company requesting information on business climate in Ukraine

Completion: 2007 - 11
Target markets: UA
Objective: Our client requested information and answers to numerous specific questions related to business climate in Ukraine.
Results: The consultant addressed items related to the legal, economic, tax and investment environment to assist the client with market entry to Ukraine.

U.K. specialist in professional equipment for the catering industry targeting Poland

Completion: 2007 - 09
Target markets: PL
Objective: EasyLink was approached by a premier manufacturer of specialist professional equipment for the catering industry with a large network of distribution partners across Europe, to assist in filling gaps in its network in Central Europe. As Poland is a major market where the company has a weak presence, the client wished to take advantage of our services to find a distribution partner for the key ranges of vegetable preparation and waste disposal and compaction equipment. In order to help clarify the level of opportunity for the food compacting and disposal solutions EasyLink was also asked to check the regulations in Poland regarding waste disposal.
Results: We initially compiled a list of 21 distributors of professional kitchen and catering equipment. We contacted them by phone in order to ascertain whether they constitute potential business partners as well as their interest. After reviewing the provided information, 6 companies expressed interest in co-operation and meeting the client to discuss distributorship. EasyLink then prepared a detailed itinerary for individual appointments as well as assisted with logistics aspects.

Maltese trading company representing various U.S. manufacturers seeking distribution partners

Completion: 2007 - 09
Target markets: PL&RU
Objective: EasyLink was asked to identify prospective distributors of oil pollution control products in Poland and health drinks in Russia.
Results: EasyLink’s consultants conducted extensive research of the target sectors in both countries and developed a short list of 6 qualified prospective partners with confirmed interest. A full 2-day itinerary was prepared for the client in each country, including all logistics details.

Leading designer of indoor adventure play areas for children looking to appoint a local distributor

Completion: 2006 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our U.K. client wished to identify prospective agents or distributors already active in the leisure industry in the Czech Republic.
Results: Following detailed screening, interviewing and evaluation of candidates, EasyLink recommended the client to meet 6 potential partners. After a market visit by top managers, the client appointed a leading local manufacturer and distributor of play and leisure equipment as a partner.

Verifying contact details of 7 paint shops in Slovakia

Completion: 2006 - 08
Target markets: SK
Objective: EasyLink was asked to verify and update contact details of 7 Slovak companies our client wished to contact as prospective customers. Previously the client had selected 47 prospects, out of which he was not able to establish contact with 7 companies.
Results: The client benefited from EasyLink’s in-market presence and availability of resources, as the consultant was able to locate alternative contact details, so the client could easily proceed with contacting the prospective customers.

Website production

Completion: 2006 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was assigned a special job by its long-term client for market research and partner search studies... This time the Australian Trade Commission hired EasyLink to use its expertise to devise and deliver a small but attractive and user-friendly website to promote the services of Austrade and Australia as a whole to the Czech and Slovak business communities and general public.
Results: We first worked with the client on the structure and content of the website. Then, we organized a tender on the selection of graphic and web developer companies. We managed and coordinated the entire process all the way to the successful implementation of the website (www.austrade.sk). This website among other things includes an administration system allowing the client to continuously update all texts without having to call web designers again and again.

Hungary: Identifying customers for a Czech producer of water glass

Completion: 2006 - 04
Target markets: HU
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to identify key customers in Hungary with their annual consumption of water glass exceeding 300 tons.
Results: We contacted approximately 50 companies to identify significant users of water glass in several segments – foundries, construction companies, chemical products trading companies and paint and paper producers. During the work we learned that most companies used between 5 to 30 tons annually and many companies ceased to use water glass as an additive. These findings required EasyLink to conduct additional phone calls, above and beyond the project scope, to confirm that our client’s initial expectations on the volume of water glass demanded was erroneous.

Identifying top e-shops with mobile phones

Completion: 2006 - 02
Target markets: CZ
Objective: We were requested to identify top 5 online retailers of mobile phones.
Results: We identified the key players and prepared their detailed profiles together with their screen shots. The information was presented to the client in a Power Point Presentation format.

Czech testing institute meeting partners in Bulgaria

Completion: 2005 - 10
Target markets: BG
Objective: We were asked to arrange targeted meetings in Varna.
Results: EasyLink consultant scheduled 6 face-to-face appointments for the client’s 2-day visit.

Coffee house chain evaluating the Czech market

Completion: 2005 - 10
Target markets: CZ&SK
Objective: Our task was to identify potential master franchisees.
Results: EasyLink approached 19 companies and 3 individuals in the food segment to present client’s proposal. Altogether 5 meetings were scheduled with interested and qualified entities.

Database of radio stations in 44 largest towns of the Czech Republic

Completion: 2005 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our task was to compile a database that includes the main cities of the Czech Republic and all the radio stations that can be listened to in these cities.
Results: We divided the country into regions and selected the key cities in each region. Then, we identified all radio stations and their frequencies in the selected cities. The data was put in a standardized data template provided by the client. The data collection phase was based on secondary research methods and data. A year later we were asked to update data on radio stations in the 10 largest cities, so the client can evaluate if the data should be checked entirely for the whole country, or if the data collected one year back was still valid.

Identifying potential manufacturers of mint dispensers

Completion: 2005 - 06
Target markets: CZ, SK
Objective: EasyLink was requested to identify prospective manufacturers in the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe capable of producing mint dispensers per client’s specification, fill the dispensers with mints, shrink-wrap the dispensers individually, and wrap them in a display box.
Results: EasyLink presented quotations/offers obtained from several local manufacturers.

U.S. supplier of technologies for building contractors requesting meetings with prospects in the Czech Republic

Completion: 2005 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was commissioned to schedule targeted meetings.
Results: While identifying potential partners we focused on 4 major sectors – general contractors for construction services with industrial experience and references from the chemical industry, piping contractors with references from the petrochemical, chemical and other industries that require special knowledge and equipment, electrical contractors and companies with technologies that can be used in the chemical, pulp and paper or biotech industries which have a product to export and would like to do business with the client. Altogether we selected 13 companies that met the above-mentioned requirements and whose management was also able to communicate in English. Meetings were arranged with 12 companies (amongst them the leading construction companies in the country).

Producer of hydraulic systems seeking partners in Russia

Completion: 2005 - 04
Target markets: RU
Objective: Our client, the leading manufacturer of bladder accumulators, oil coolers and filters in the U.K., wishes to identify technically sound agents/distributors currently handling fluid process products such as valves, control measuring equipment and filters for the OEM, spares, repair and retrofit markets.
Results: Although our own market research and communication with 27 companies on behalf of the client did not explicitly indicate any large potential, 8 companies still expressed interest in further communication. The feedback we received indicates that the target market is rather conservative, and one where Russian companies and their products hold a strong and well-established position.

Identifying suppliers of orientation system tables

Completion: 2005 -
Target markets: CZ
Objective: University of Konstanz, Germany, announced a tender on a supplier of new orientation and information system for its campus. EasyLink partnered up with a German agency that wanted to utilize services of Czech suppliers and prepare a bid for the tender.
Results: EasyLink identified and visited relevant Czech suppliers capable of producing such system, and together with the German agency EasyLink selected the top two candidates and asked them to prepare an RFQ. Our German client then selected the better offer for participation in the tender.

Identifying prospective distributors and scheduling meetings at a major fair in Russia

Completion: 2004 - 06
Target markets: RU
Objective: Our client was exhibiting at the 2004 Neftegaz exhibition, which is the largest international show of machinery and technologies for the oil, gas, oil-refining and petrochemical industries in Russia and the CIS. Our task was to locate pro-active English-speaking distributors currently selling ‘smart process instrumentation’ into the oil and gas industry, or into engineering houses that build oil and gas plants in Russia. Secondly, we were to set up a series of meetings with potential partners, either during the Neftegaz exhibition or in the days immediately after the exhibition.
Results: Prospective partners were identified, approached and meetings arranged.

Irish manufacturer of car parking barriers meeting Czech partners

Completion: 2004 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client wishes to identify a distributor for its range of barriers and/or a local partner interested in manufacture/assembly (under a licence) of the barriers and their distribution in the Czech Republic.
Results: We pre-selected 33 companies for telephone interviews with their managers. However, the client’s proposed visit dates (the client was not able to change them) coincided with Intertraffic trade fair in Amsterdam, which many of the key Czech companies planned attending. In order to solve this situation, we organized meetings both in the Czech Republic and Netherlands; we asked that two representatives from the client’s company would attend the 12 meetings EasyLink arranged for the two venues. In the Czech Republic, EasyLink’s consultant accompanied the client to all meetings where interpretation was required and to meetings held outside of Prague.

Multinational global coating systems specialist now targeting Poland

Completion: 2004 - 03
Target markets: PL
Objective: The client is recognized as a world leader in the development and manufacturing of proprietary, high-performance, abrasion resistant coating systems for application to plastic and glass materials, and wants to find potential end users for its coatings in Poland concentrating on the optical/sunglass and eyewear sectors.
Results: Altogether 12 major manufacturers of optic lenses were approached and provided detailed information about the client, its products and business proposal. The first three confirmations of interest (out of 5 total positive responses) came from companies that alone make up approximately half of the Polish market.

Customer survey – interviewing marketing managers in companies that advertise in telephone directories

Completion: 2004 - 02
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was asked to conduct 60 structured telephone interviews (each 10-15 minutes long) with managers from marketing departments of companies that advertise in telephone directories. We were provided a questionnaire by the client. Additionally we were asked to present data on the Czech economy (indices, trends) and on the telephone directories market (main players and trends).
Results: EasyLink conducted interviews with companies located in/around the cities of Prague (67% of respondents), Brno and Ostrava (16.5% each). The respondents advertised in Yellow Pages, Edit and Inform Net. Our interviews provided among other items insight into total spending on telephone directory advertising and split between various directories, trends in directory spending in 2002, 2003 and 2004 or whether the companies pay to advertise in online directories.

Slovakia: Overview of the explosives market to provide market size data and information on approval requirements

Completion: 2004 -
Target markets: SK
Objective: Our U.K. client offers the most comprehensive range of explosives, blasting accessories and technical services for the drilling, mining, quarrying and construction industries, and has operations in the U.K., Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Poland, Romania and North Africa. The client was interested in either an acquisition or establishing a partnership with a company in Slovakia (existing manufacturer of explosives/blasting materials or existing service provider).
Results: EasyLink gathered information on two bodies issuing licenses for manufacturing and trading with explosives/blasting materials and general conditions of the explosives/blasting sector in Slovakia. We also provided the client with 2001, 2002 and 2003 figures on the usage of explosives and volume of rocks crushed/blasted annually. The use of explosives grew by 21% in 2002, and then declined by almost 25% in 2003.

Multinational global coating systems specialist targeting Russia

Completion: 2004 -
Target markets: RU
Objective: Whilst this world leader in the development and manufacturing of proprietary, high-performance, abrasion resistant coating systems for application to plastic and glass materials, has a large share of the coatings market in all its existing overseas markets, they have no current business in Russia, which is a market where it wishes to make an impact. They have thus asked EasyLink to identify potential end users for its coatings in the Russian optical/sunglass and eyewear sector, starting with the Moscow and St. Petersburg areas.
Results: We identified and approached 16 Russian producers of eyeglass and contact lenses and assessed their qualification and interest in working with the client. Although the Russian eyeglass optics market has been growing in the last few years, with annual eyeglass demand in Russia at around 40 million, the market of finished eyeglass products is full of imported and often low-quality products. At this time no large-scale production of organic (polymer) glass lenses exists in Russia.

Spanish supplier of pavements and coatings targeting Slovakia

Completion: 2004 -
Target markets: SK
Objective: EasyLink was asked to carry a distributor search and arrange a series of meetings with the top candidates.
Results: In Slovakia, we contacted over 25 importers and traders with pavements and coatings for a brief conversation about the client and its line of products and the possibility of becoming their distributor. 6 meetings were arranged for the two-day visit to Slovakia in December 2004.

Compiling a database of top 500 Czech e-shops in selected categories

Completion: 2004 -
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client, a leading Czech bank, has developed a financial solution for e-shop management that it would like to offer to medium-size and large e-shops. EasyLink was asked to compile a database of local e-shops meeting the client’s criteria (experience with payment systems) in selected categories (white goods, AV, HW and SW, mobile phones, cameras, automobiles, hotels, airline tickets and travel agencies, betting companies as well as ticket agencies and other miscellaneous e-shops).
Results: Our final database included altogether 504 e-shops/companies, of which 304 utilized “modern payment systems” or instalment payments. Each e-shop entry included name of the operator, ID number, address and contact person and details, main website address, sector/commodity category and whether or not it uses modern payment systems.

EasyLink provides continuous support to International Production Company

Completion: 2003 - 02
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink has been working on many different projects for many years with this Prague and LA-based full service production company that has produced award-winning films, commercials, music videos and television all over the world.
Results: EasyLink has assisted the client by producing e.g. a mailer, DVD jacket and label, brochure, DVD graphics, advertising design, logo design, promotional materials, business cards, envelopes and letterhead. Most importantly we arranged for production of the company’s website (www.intlprodco.com) and are involved in its continuous updating. We were also asked to produce a website for their new movie.

Targeted meetings in Prague

Completion: 2003 - 01
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Arranging one-to-one meetings
Results: We scheduled 8 meetings with government organizations and companies in the field of environment, construction as well as oil & gas and industrial machinery.

Scheduling meetings in Prague and Brno for a Welsh company promoting multi therapy approach to healthcare

Completion: 2002 - 03
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client proposes multi therapy approach to treatment of injuries and trauma and anti jet lag/fatigue treatment. Our task was to arrange meetings with decision makers in high profile companies offering lifestyle management courses, sports and leisure sector organizations (sports clubs and developers of sports complexes), haulage companies as well as manufacturing companies and service providers that require staff to be alert and performing well throughout demanding time schedules.
Results: We scheduled 13 meetings.

Slovakia: Identifying potential customers (vets, vet clinics) and distributors

Completion: 2002 - 02
Target markets: SK
Objective: A contract manufacturer in the electronic/electro-mechanical area of veterinary testing systems requested EasyLink to identify prospective local partners amongst individually practicing vets or small veterinary clinics or alternatively their distributors.
Results: We interviewed senior management of 14 potential partners and provided them with client’s detailed information and requirements. One-to-one appointments were scheduled with 9 companies that confirmed interest in discussing opportunities for a strategic partnership. The pool of top candidates consisted of 4 veterinary care providers (major vet clinics) and 5 distributors of veterinary equipment. Plus, the client was supplied with contact details of a veterinary doctor providing veterinary care to the largest dairy herd in Slovakia (who was unable to meet during our client’s visit in late February 2002).

Identifying a supplier of crystal

Completion: 2001 - 10
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client, a leading manufacturer of stoves in Ireland, asked EasyLink to select a supplier of crystal that the client would give away as part of its promotion activities. The client was seeking to buy approximately 2,000 sets (6 wine glasses + a decanter of rather plain style with not much cutting, no colours, no gilding).
Results: EasyLink pre-selected and contacted 9 companies. The client was provided with price quotes of 3 entities that confirmed they could deliver the required volume either ex-stock or at least within a reasonable period of time.

Irish supplier of cleaning machinery visiting the Czech Republic

Completion: 2001 - 09
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was asked to identify, contact and evaluate prospective distribution partners and schedule meetings with prospects with confirmed interest in direct talks.
Results: We contacted 15 pre-selected dealers of construction equipment, forklifts and cleaning equipment and assessed their interest. Meetings were arranged with top 3 qualified companies. Some companies expressed concerns about the sales potential on grounds of limited enforcement of legislation requiring builders to clean roads around construction sites. However, they pointed out this situation was likely to improve, as the Czech Republic’s accession to the EU was approaching.

Promoting Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Completion: 2001 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was asked to promote and expand the worldwide profile of Llangollen International Eisteddfod widely acclaimed as the greatest festival of its type in the world (www.international-eisteddfod.co.uk).
Results: EasyLink’s consultants contacted all major television/broadcasting stations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to see if they would be interested in a programme highlighting competitors from the Czech Republic or Slovakia or sending its own reporter to cover the festival. Our efforts led to direct communication between the promoter and Czech Television as well as Slovak television, which then broadcasted a 60-minute documentary programme highlighting Slovak/Czech participants.

U.S. exporter of original American pancake mix has EasyLink propose and produce many promotional materials

Completion: 2000 - 10
Target markets: CZ
Objective: The client – previously using EasyLink’s services for a successful partner search – requested EasyLink to provide continuous marketing support and assistance with preparation of many promotional materials. EasyLink was initially asked to design and produce a product label and promotional leaflet for a pancake mix.
Results: Between 2002 and 2007, EasyLink proposed and produced aprons, chef hats, leaflets and brochures, developed local versions in Bulgarian and Czech languages of an original 80-page manual and recipe book for the use of a branded cake base mix for commercial food operations, developed original artwork designs and produced posters and table tents promoting the use of client’s high quality frying shortening, proposed text and slogans with a strong sales message to potential customers relating not only to the quality of the product itself but also the establishment in which it is used, developed a 4-side box label (artwork plus text to provide customer-friendly instruction, sales-supporting key messages and other marketing texts but also all the specific content required by local consumer protection legislation), assisted with the design and contracting of a professional vendor to produce 300 high-quality heavy-duty professional aprons that later became a very appreciated and popular gift which helped to strengthen brand awareness and loyalty among end-customers as well as managed printing of a shortening guide. In fact, our client’s products have been imported to the Czech Republic in container quantities since then, and has become one of the many very successful projects EasyLink has contributed to.

Matchmaking project for a U.K. provider of cashroom solutions and products

Completion: 1999 - 10
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink was requested to evaluate business opportunities in the Czech Republic for their cash counting devices.
Results: We recommended the client to directly approach 8 companies interested in direct communication, including a company that was actively seeking a new supplier. We compiled their detailed profiles including their responses.

Feasibility study and market analysis to evaluate client’s plan to operate a dry cleaning facility in Prague

Completion: 1998 - 06
Target markets: CZ
Objective: EasyLink assisted an investor to evaluate the market potential and opportunities for opening a dry cleaner’s in Prague.
Results: Our report from May 1998 provided information on the market structure (very fragmented with close to 30 dry cleaners and 140 collection points), services offered, pricing comparison, market entry costs, conditions and requirements as well as currently operated dry cleaners in Prague. Our findings showed that significant opportunities existed for new market entrants. Our final report also included a listing of all units by city districts, price lists of selected dry cleaners as well as locations where U.S. companies have their seat.

Identifying local partners for three different products

Completion: -
Target markets: CZ
Objective: Our client requested assistance with identifying and approaching customers and/or distributors for three different products - Hungarian wine, Brazilian textiles and Caipirinha ICE.
Results: We contacted a group of pre-selected prospective partners – distributors and wholesalers- for each product and presented them with samples and prices. EasyLink then represented the client in one-to-one meetings with selected potential partners throughout the Czech Republic.