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Business Meetings

  • Individual business meeting itineraries
  • Group trade missions supported by government/sector agencies (see Trade Missions)
  • On-site support from EasyLink consultants during market visit

Scope of service

  • Identification and selection of best prospective partners/customers (see Partner Search )
  • An itinerary optimizing time and travel costs by number, location and order of meetings
  • Arrangement of business appointments with targeted parties (typically at their premises)
  • Recommendations/Reservations for hotels, car/taxi/train/plane, interpreters
  • In-market support (accompaniment) by EasyLink consultant (as business facilitator, interpreter, driver and as a possible local point of contact for later follow-up)


Detailed meeting itinerary with

  • dates & times
  • full details, incl. contact person´s name, title, direct telephone/mobile number, language skills
  • details of booked accommodation, travel options etc.
  • driving instructions & maps as required
  • distances & recommended travel times
  • direct costs to be incurred and methods of payment



Our fee for developing a meeting itinerary and making all logistical arrangements for a client’s visit will vary from free-of-charge (if visit dates are set in advance and client uses our Partner Search service) to the equivalent of 1-2 paid consultant days (if the visit is not in direct relation to other services or if a larger number of meetings is requested). In-market support is charged based on number of days required.

This service is often provided as part of a package with Market Research and Partner Search.