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Strategic market research & information

  • from comprehensive strategic analyses to short ad-hoc info research
  • always precisely tailored to each client’s specific needs & objectives…
  • solutions for export, sourcing, market entry, business development etc…

Methodology of market research

Initial desk research, expert and key player interviews, statistical analysis, business databases, government and sector-specific organizations, field research, store checks.


Most market research projects are completed in approx. 4-10 weeks.


A professional market research study typically in the range of 30-150 pages in business English.

Market research - scope & content

  • market size and potential
  • competitive landscape
  • distribution structure
  • prospective buyers and partners
  • competitive product analysis
  • customer behaviour and preferences
  • trends and growth factors
  • legal framework
  • promotion opportunities (media, fairs, sector-specific channels)
  • detailed company profiles
  • strategic recommendations and conclusions


Our fixed fees are based on an initial assessment of each inquiry and our estimate of the number of consultant days required. Typically, market studies require in the range of 3-20 paid consultant days, depending on their depth and extent.

Please contact us with your inquiry, and we will respond with a specific proposal for market research for your company.